Auto Incline Single Function Home Treadmill

Auto Incline Single Function Home Treadmill

Auto incline single function home treadmill DDS-868 Treadmills are built to satisfy and feature only the finest components. From the motors to the rollers, and the belts to the steel, Treadmills are made for performance. Having been proven in the daily rigorous environment, Treadmills have the...
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Auto incline single function home treadmill 

DDS-868 Treadmills are built to satisfy and feature only the finest components. From the motors to the rollers, and the belts to the steel,   Treadmills are made for performance. Having been proven in the daily rigorous  environment,  Treadmills have the high quality feel you would find at the gym, in a treadmill for your life.


Auto incline single function home treadmill


Heavy duty Steel, ABS, other Imported or China domestic standard specified material.


CNC Machining Center, CNC welding Machine, powder coating, Auto production line etc


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Item No:DDS-868BD
Panel design:5"LCD
Walking area size:1250*430mm
Run board thickness:15mm
Expand size:1540*690*1260mm
Carton size:1630*345*760mm
Max loading:120kgs



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Here are the details of the treadmill
Motorized Machines
Motorized treadmills are by far the most common, and are seen in most gyms and formal workout rooms. These are electrically powered and tend to be heavier and less likely to be portable, though most people agree that they offer a superior exercise experience. On a motorized treadmill, the motor, turning on its own power beneath the runner’s feet, operates the belt. The speed at which it turns is adjustable, thereby allowing a person to walk, run or jog at a controlled speed. Slowing down and speeding up can only be done with the help of the control console. 

Manual Models
Some of the simplest examples are “manual” which means that they are powered entirely by the runner’s energy. These tend to be light, inexpensive, and can usually be folded away to slide under a bed or into a closet. The running belt wraps around rollers inside a raised deck. As a person walks or runs on the belt, his or her weight provides the friction needed for a belt to turn over the rollers in time with the user’s stride. Side rails provide safety support and the front of the machine is a raised console that supports the side rails and walking platform. It isn’t usually possible to set speed preferences on these models, as the belt will move only as fast as the runner’s feet do.
 Heart Rate Monitoring
 Motorized models generally come with an electronic heart-rate monitor so that the exerciser can see if he or she is getting the desired workout. Some of these clip to the runner’s ear, or wrap around the chest or wrist. Some high-quality chest-wrap monitors are wireless and provide alarms to let the jogger know when his or her heart rate falls or rises outside the target range. In addition, some of the most advanced machines will let users set a “target” heart rate, then will either speed or slow the belt to keep the workout in range. 

Optional Features
A high-quality machine can come with many features including pre-programmed workouts of varying difficulty for everyone from the beginning walker to the advanced runner. The workouts vary the speed and incline of the walk to simulate uphill and sometimes even downhill conditions. Degree of incline can also be adjusted manually. Some models allow you to create customized programs, or, based on a user’s saved history, will produce a log and a customized program.
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