Single Function Strenth Trainer

Single Function Strenth Trainer

single function strenth trainer DDS-7301 Home gym equipment FTS glide/strength equipment/muti-function fitness equipmentt. Features 1) Plate loaded fitness equipment 2) Professional design. 3) High quality steel tube . 4) Pretty welding. 5) Super quality PU leather. 6) Excellent electrostatic...
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single function strenth trainer

DDS-7301 Home gym  equipment FTS glide/strength equipment/muti-function fitness equipmentt. 

1) Plate loaded fitness equipment
2) Professional design.
3) High quality steel tube .
4) Pretty welding.
5) Super quality PU leather.
6) Excellent electrostatic powder coating with good adhesive force .
7) Make the body to cooperate with machine very well.
8) Developing body, improving body shape.


single function strenth trainer


Heavy duty Steel, ABS, other Imported or China domestic standard specified material.


CNC Machining Center, CNC welding Machine, powder coating, Auto production line etc


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Item No:DDS-7301
Material:steel,foam,advanced pu
Steel size:50*51.5mm
Expand size:1760*1020*1250mm
Carton size:1280*365*280mm



 We allow you basic arm exercise options where you can do pull-downs, chest presses, and butterfly pec flyes. You also can perform biceps curls, rowing, iron crosses, hamstring curls, triceps extensions, arm raises and a variety of sit-ups, crunches and other core exercises. Furthermore, you can strengthen your leg muscles to enhance your running and powering up hills which is made possible via increased muscular strength and endurance. Multi gym usually comes with a leg developer to enable you to exercise your legs. Typically, you can do leg extensions or leg curls while some also offer leg presses.

Multi gyms are further divided into three categories, they are the compact multi gym, standard multi gym and Multi-stack multi-gym.
compact multi gym
The compact multi gym is for those individuals that have limited space and floor area in their premises. Further, where one is on a low strict budget purchase of compact multi gym is most convenient. Convenience also tackles in where the equipment is purchased for a home gym.
Standard multi gym
This gym equipment is best suited for those individuals who have adequate space and floor area
Multi stack multi gym
The multi stack multi gym is also a type of multi gym equipment. This gym equipment is for the advanced trainer. It is complete with all gym equipment that an advanced user could need for training. Different multi gym equipment varies in terms of resistance and the size of the body of the trainer.
 Below are multi gym pictures, which we made for our customers for your reference. If you want to get more about multi gym pictures and details, please contact us, we will send more pictures for your reference, we warmly welcome you to visit our factory!