What Should I Pay Attention To After Working Out?

- Oct 03, 2018-


Do not take immediate rest.

During intense exercise, a person's heart rate quickens, muscle, capillary dilate, blood flow quickens, and the muscle's rhythmic contraction squeezes small veins, causing blood to flow quickly back to the heart.

At this point, if you stop to rest immediately, the rhythmic contraction of the muscle will also stop. A large amount of blood originally flowing into the muscle cannot flow back to the heart through muscle contraction, resulting in lower blood pressure, temporary cerebral ischemia, and causing symptoms such as shortness of breath, dizziness, paleness and even shock and fainting.

Therefore, after strenuous exercise, continue to do some small movements, breathing and heart basic normal after rest.

Two, unfavorable immediately wash bath.

After strenuous exercise the body to maintain a constant body temperature, skin surface vasodilation, open big sweat pore, perspiration increased, to facilitate heat dissipation, such as bathing water bath at this time due to sudden stimulus vascular contraction, immediately blood circulation resistance increase, cardiopulmonary burden increase, the body's resistance to reduce at the same time, people are more prone to illness, and as a hot bath will continue to increase the skin blood flow, blood flow in the muscles and skin too much, lead to the heart and brain, light person giddy, the person that weigh collapse shock, also easy to induce other chronic disease.

So, after strenuous exercise must rest for a while again wash bath.

Do not drink heavily.

After violent motion is thirsty when, some people drink boiled water or other beverage suddenly, this meeting aggravates gastric bowel burden, make gastric juice suffers attenuation, reduce the bactericidal action of gastric juice already, hinder the digestion to food again.

And drink water too fast will make blood volume increases too fast, all of a sudden heart burden, cause moments of potassium, sodium and electrolyte disorder, appear even heart failure, heart stuffy abdominal distension etc., so the movement after not excessive drinking too fast, more do not drink cold drinks, otherwise it will affect the temperature distribution, cause a cold, abdominal pain and other diseases.2 拷贝.jpg

Don't eat too much sugar.

Some people feel to eat some sweet food or candy water very comfortable after acuteness motion, think to have sweet food more after motion has profit, actually after motion eats sweet food too much can make the vitamin B1 in the body is consumed in great quantities, the person can feel tired, inappetence to wait, affect the restore of physical strength.

After strenuous exercise, therefore, had better eat more a few contain the food with vitamin B1, such as vegetables,  liver, eggs, etc., if you love to eat dessert after motion should eat more vegetables and other foods.

Don't drink at once.

The body function of violent motion hind can be in high level, drink at this time can make the body is absorbed alcohol composition more quickly and enter blood, the harm to liver, stomach and so on organ is met more than usual.

Long-term can cause fatty liver, liver cirrhosis, gastritis, gastric ulcer, dementia and other diseases.

After the motion is thirsty beer also bad, it can make the uric acid in blood is increased sharply, make the joint receives very big stimulation, cause inflammation, cause gout to wait.