What's The Right Kind Of Equipment For Women In The Gym DDS

- Aug 15, 2018-

If a girl wants to lose weight, she must exercise every day. Besides, many people like to go to the gym.Let's take a look!

How fast should a girl's treadmill lose weight

7.5 ~ 8 km/h

If you're a girl running on a treadmill, you can go 8km/h, but some people think it's a little fast, you can go 7.5km/h, you can go either way, but this is a constant jog.We can usually prepare for 40 minutes before running. First we warm up with 5 minutes of brisk walking, then we jog at a constant pace for 30 minutes, and then we continue walking for another 5 minutes after that.Such a speed arrangement is more consistent with the physical strength and structure of the human body.

Order of equipment in female gym

40-minute variable speed run

The first step to getting to the gym is, of course, running, because running is also one of the most efficient ways to burn fat and is best done with variable speed.Speed is actually several different stages, first of all, we want to use an 8 minutes of fast walking to warm up, and began to run speed, speed is variable speed per minute, a minute, 30 seconds before 7.5 km/h, 20 seconds between 11 km/h, the final 10 seconds the fastest 14 km/h, the cycle lasts for 30 minutes, can walk slowly for a few minutes after stop.This variable speed run has a very good fat-burning effect.

Pull after you run

Pulling your arms and legs after a run reduces the accumulation of lactic acid, which can make them less sore and weak the next day.There are many things to stretch in the equipment area of the gym. We can do them one by one. We can start from stretching the legs.And then you stretch the arm, more stretching the leg is the same thing;The most important thing is the whole body stretching. Actually we don't recommend doing sit-ups because most girls use their neck strength when doing sit-ups.

Use dumbbells to shape yourself

After stretching, we can also do some shaping exercises, such as using dumbbells.Use relatively small dumbbell ok, actually general side 2kg can be ok, also can choose according to individual of course physical quality.Use dumbbell model opportunely not be pure strength model of training, general union gymnastics or simple stretch motion will do together, can achieve very good model result.