What Is The Difference Between A Vertical Exercise Bike And A Horizontal Exercise Bike?

- Apr 19, 2018-

Exercise bikes are also one of the more popular aerobic exercise equipments in recent years. There are two kinds of commonly used exercise bikes in the market: vertical exercise bikes and bedroom exercise bikes. Some friends do not understand which type of exercise bike they should choose. What is the difference between these two types of exercise bikes? Due to these questions, there are some contradictions in the purchase. Today, we will introduce the difference between a vertical exercise bike and a horizontal exercise bike. It is clear that these can be selected in a targeted manner and purchase fitness that suits them. car.

1, the difference between vertical exercise bike and horizontal exercise bike

The main purpose of exercise bikes is to provide daily fitness riding needs. We still talk about the specific differences between vertical exercise bikes and horizontal exercise bikes. The vertical exercise bikes are not much different from our traditional bicycles. Standing upright, sitting on the seat, the leg moves in a circular motion, holding the handlebar by hand, and adjusting the panel accordingly to achieve the goal of fitness cycling. In general, the vertical exercise bike is a well-equipped fitness equipment with strong adaptability. It can be used by both men, women and children, and can be increased or decreased in intensity. People in the crowd, whether they are weight-reducing people, or they love sports or keep fit It is possible to achieve fitness goals through a vertical exercise bike.

Next, let's talk about a horizontal exercise bike. From the appearance point of view, it seems that there is only one more backrest design. The others seem to be exactly the same, but it is not. Let's take a look at the design concept of this backrest. If you are riding your bike regularly, you will feel this way. Because you will ride upright for a long time, your back, shoulders, and arms will feel sore, and maintaining the same posture for a long time will definitely cause fatigue. It seems to be irrelevant to the normal person, but if the riding crowd is middle-aged or ill people, the soreness caused by long-term cycling becomes a bit too much to eat. In fact, this backrest is to provide a good support for the back and waist of the cyclist, reducing the pressure on the back and waist, especially for the middle-aged or the recovery of the crowd, which is the main function of the horizontal exercise bike.

2, different training effects

In the training effect, the vertical exercise bike and the horizontal exercise bike also have such a big difference. It is not difficult to find that the rider of the two types of exercise bikes basically has a straight line and is perpendicular to the upper body. On the ground, it is said that the white is the feeling of downward squat, the muscle exercise on the leg is very comprehensive, but the horizontal exercise bike, it is mainly on the backrest pedaling, this point of change brought about by The training effect is very different. The horizontal exercise bike is very good for shaping the back of the thigh and the hips. If you want to improve the leg and hip line by riding, the horizontal exercise bike is your satisfied choice.