Three Of The Best Running Times

- Aug 24, 2018-

Three of the best running times

Every morning,

Because work, everybody is arranged to take exercise in the morning commonly, one is to do not have conflict with the job;

Second, run in the morning fresh air, fresh air is good for the respiratory system.

In addition, after sleep, people are restored physically, but there is still a certain state of inhibition.

Exercise in the morning is beneficial to the nervous excitement, invigorating the spirit, promoting the metabolism, and maintaining the energy and physical energy into the day's work is greatly beneficial.


Hours 16 to 21 hours a day

That is to say, from 4pm to 9pm, exercise is more appropriate, and from 19am to 20pm is the best time. The reason is that 19-20pm is after dinner, on the one hand, it can consume the energy consumed by dinner and avoid the accumulation of fat when sleeping after eating, on the other hand, it can also consume the remaining energy of 1 day.

From 16:00 to 18:00 daily

Two hours before dinner, someone had done an experiment. Running at 16-18 and 19-20 had significant weight loss effect, but the effect was better before dinner for the following reasons:

1. Exercise before dinner, fat energy supply will occupy more proportion, thus reducing people's appetite for fatty and sugary food, making it easier for people to control the energy intake in the diet, which is helpful for losing weight.

2. Exercise before dinner. As the amount of exercise increases, the body function will be effectively improved, and the sleep quality and fat metabolism will be significantly improved.

3. Do exercise before dinner, then extend the time of dinner accordingly, making the hungry feeling extend from before sleep to sleep, can avoid eating again because of the hungry feeling, and also provide an opportunity for fat energy supply.