There Are Four Things Women Should Take Care Of When Exercising

- Oct 03, 2018-

What does the attention item of woman exercise fitness have?

1. Diversified sports

It's easy to get bored and get hurt by doing the same exercise every day.

Cross training is recommended, such as running and cycling, running and swimming.

Find the right workout

Don't force yourself to do sports you don't like or don't fit your age.

Choose ways to make yourself comfortable

If you're new to exercise, join a beginner's health club.

If you're used to high-intensity exercise, it's best to work out with peers of your own level.

Don't start training too fast

Get ready for the gym.

People who haven't exercised for years can start with a simple post-meal walk.

After forming a habit, increase the amount of exercise.

No matter how experienced people in their 40s, a full warm-up is essential.

Exercise first. No excuses

Exercise should be treated like any other important thing in your life.

Once you have a fitness plan, put it into practice. Never use time, kids, or anything else as an excuse to procrastinate or stop.

6. Pay attention to old injuries

Exercise must pay attention to old injuries.

If you've ever had a knee injury, running is not the best option.

Don't underestimate yourself

Do not think over 40 years, sports performance is bound to "fall off a cliff".

The study found that athletes between the ages of 50 and 75 experienced only a 3.4 percent decline in athletic performance each year.

You can also achieve higher athletic performance at age 80.

Don't let your weight bother you

Many people start out with the idea of losing weight.

When weight loss is not ideal, some people become disheartened and even stop working out.

Experts say that taking into account the many other health benefits of exercise, maintaining a long-term, effective workout can reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some types of cancer, as well as putting you to sleep.

What error should woman exercise fitness notice?

Don't develop an exercise habit

In general, first-time exercisers get very excited, especially when the workout is working out.

This will largely motivate you to exercise more.

However, some people can't wait to get into the gym to work out at a high intensity and neglect the warm-up.

And the excessive training often makes oneself exhausted, affected normal life and work.

Fitness is a long-term project. Don't think of yourself as a bodybuilder in a day.

Diversity training is good for you. It allows you to develop your body in a balanced way

Although aerobic exercise is good for endurance and cardiovascular system, it has little effect on growth strength and strength. Only by combining aerobic exercise and strength training can the overall body quality be improved.

3, often have congestion on the body, need to supplement vitamin (vitamin food)K

During exercise, some people get bruises or bruises on their bodies after a slight bump, and they continue to heal. This is a sign of vitamin K deficiency in the body.

Vitamin K is the "hemostatic hero", lack of it, will delay blood coagulation, and in serious cases will cause blood not to coagulate.

Cauliflower is rich in vitamin K, and eating it two to four times a week is a great way to relieve bruising or congestion. Second, asparagus and lettuce also contain vitamin K.

Frequent intake of foods rich in vitamin K can not only strengthen the flexibility of blood vessel walls, but also prevent the occurrence of bruising and congestion.

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Recovery is just as important for training

The necessary pauses can't be ignored during exercise because the body itself needs sufficient pauses to recover.

As a beginner, don't make more than four big workouts a week.

On the same training day, do not train hard on the same muscle tissue many times. If there is pain in the previous exercise, do not try hard in the later training.

In addition, comprehensive nutrition maintenance is necessary, and eating five or six times a day is a good choice.

Finally, you need at least eight hours of sleep because getting enough sleep will restore your energy and body.

As for women's scientific and rational fitness attention, it is basically enough for you to have a good understanding of your body structure no matter what kind of exercise you do. In this way, you can overcome many difficulties in doing exercise.