The Benefits Of Spinning Bike

- Aug 13, 2018-

1. the warm-up

Before the spinning program, in addition to a little exercise, the formal class will also be targeted warm up procedures.More easily injured knees, easily tired legs, waist should be highly valued.Here are a few things you must do:1.jpg

2. Leg extension

As the thigh is the center of spinning, special attention should be paid to injuries.

Keep your legs as far apart as possible. Bend your left knee and squat on your upper body. Transfer your body weight to your left.

You can also stretch your legs with the aid of equipment.With both hands on the handlebar, the left leg lifted onto the bike's crossbar, the right leg extended backward, the upper body slightly forward, moving the ligaments and muscles of the leg, then changing the leg.

3. Side waist extension

In the simulation of cycling through the emergency curve, the upper body to move around, waist strength to control the center of gravity, so that it continues to guarantee on the cycle, the waist is vulnerable to injury.2.jpg

You can do a simple set of movements, keep your body straight, keep your lower body still, and twist your upper body 90 degrees.You can also do a side waist stretch, with your legs spread as wide as your shoulders, raise your arms and stretch to the top of your head, keeping your body on the same level and your upper body bent to the right.Do each side five times.

4, shoulder press,

Given that the entire body tilts slightly forward during the ride, the pressure on the shoulder joint is very high and it is necessary to stretch the shoulder joint.Hold the handlebars in both hands, legs apart, upper body forward, as close to the ground as possible.