Spring Fitness Common Sense! 6 Tips For Spring Fitness!

- Oct 03, 2018-

Ice thaws, all things revive, and spring is creeping in.

As temperatures rise, many people want to get some exercise outdoors or get back to their workout routines.

So, what should I do for spring fitness?

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It's important to take steps: if you don't exercise much during the winter, you can't just jump in in the spring and make it the same as last fall.

When starting to resume regular exercise, gradually increase the intensity and duration of exercise, which is beneficial to reduce sports injuries.

2. Pay attention to morning exercise time: in the spring morning, the temperature is low, the humidity is high, the fog is heavy, and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is wide.

3. Attention to pre-exercise preparation: before exercise, you must first move the joints of waist and limbs, rub hands, face, ears and other exposed parts to promote local blood circulation and prevent and avoid the occurrence of sprains, strains and frostbite.

4. Attention to health care: patients with serious diseases in the heart, liver, kidney and other organs can only take exercise with the consent of doctors, and it is only suitable for shorter and less intense exercise.