Running Is The Best Maintenance

- Aug 24, 2018-

Running is the best maintenance

Japanese runner's website points out that running can make people beautiful.

People who like to run are usually upright and have no excess fat, firm muscles and smooth lines.

Especially for women, as long as they start running, they will be beautiful.

This is because, when the body fat decreases, the muscles of the whole body become firm, the movements become agile and vigorous, and the skin becomes delicate and lustrous.

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13 benefits of a long run

1, eyes

If you have school-age children at home, you can make them run every day, and your chances of being short-sighted will definitely be reduced.

Running may be an effective treatment for some eye diseases, according to neurobiologists at the university of California.

One of the mice was blindfolded.

The mice were then divided into two groups.

A group of mice were forced to run in the wheels for hours and to fully stimulate neurons in their visual cortex.

The other group stayed still.

After some time, the first group of mice had their vision fully restored before they were blindfolded, while the second group had slow and incomplete vision restoration.

2. Neck, shoulder and spine

People who often sit in front of a computer will have some cervical and shoulder problems more or less. Proper running posture requires the back to be straight and relaxed, and long-term persistence will greatly improve the discomfort of the neck and shoulder.

3, heart,

Running consistently gives you a strong heart and cardiovascular system.

When the maximum oxygen uptake is raised, the oxygen flow to all organs of the body is greatly increased, and the working quality of each organ is naturally greatly improved.

In addition, middle and long distance running will accelerate blood circulation, so that the coronary artery has enough blood to supply the heart muscle, thus preventing various heart diseases.

Through the lower limb movement, causes the venous blood flow back to the heart, also prevents the venous thrombosis.7 拷贝.jpg

4, blood

With a strong cardiovascular system, runners' blood quality is better than that of the general population, and the body's adaptation to long, medium and long runs can improve metabolism and reduce blood lipid and cholesterol levels.

The lungs and respiratory system

Long-term middle-long-distance exercise can strengthen lung function and increase lung capacity -- regular long-term long-distance running can develop lung breathing muscles, increase the amount of each ventilation and enhance lung function.

I personally have a very excruciating seasonal rhinitis attack every fall, but I didn't have a recurrence after I started running this year.

Running increases the average lung capacity from 5.8 liters to 6.2 liters, and also increases the amount of oxygen in the blood.

6, liver,

The best medicine for people with fatty liver disease is "running."

A new study suggests that aerobic exercise, such as running, can slow the progression of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in people with prediabetes who are obese.

Researchers at Cleveland state university in the United States studied 15 people with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and asked them to run on a treadmill for an hour a day, with their heart rates reaching 85 percent of their maximum heart rate.

After 7 consecutive days, the patient's insulin sensitivity increased and the liver polyunsaturated fat index (PUI) increased by 84%.

The improvements are linked to increased levels of the hormone adiponectin, which increases a person's response to insulin and helps fight inflammation and reduce the risk of heart disease, the researcher said.

In addition, aerobic exercise such as running can effectively burn fat and reduce the risk of fatty liver disease.

7, abdomen

A flat or ripped belly is a lot of people's dream, and many fitness instructors recommend it, as well as online trackers, to help you build stronger abs.

Of course, keep it up, because belly fat is the most cunning, and if you relax a little it will come back.

A 30-minute jog at a steady pace burns more than 390 calories, compared with 277 for cycling and 272 for tennis, the study showed.

So if you love exercise, you'll get a better body faster.

8. Waist and hips

The change of the figure of running is reflected in this position first, a lot of runners have had such experience, after starting to run for a period of time, weight did not lose significantly, but the figure improved obviously, especially the waist line becomes more beautiful.

The advantage of running over other sports is that, in addition to achieving the benefits of regular exercise for muscles and joints, your body is able to maintain a high metabolism for four hours after you exercise, thus burning more calories.

9, knee

Some people say that running baily only hurts one knee.

Most runners have suffered more or less from knee injuries.

But speaking to a number of runners who have been running for more than 10 years, I learned that they have the same problem when they start running. Some people have knee pain even if they walk fast, but their knees are getting stronger as they build up and build up their strength.

Regardless of age, many long-term studies have shown that runners have a lower risk of arthritis in their knees.

A recent study by a us research institute, which followed people for 18 years, found that only 20 per cent of those who regularly ran had osteoarthritis in their knees, compared with twice as many who did not run.

More surprisingly, runners who run more often have healthier knees.

10. Leg muscles

The muscle tissue of people who run a lot can also change. After a period of exercise, you will find that the muscles in the legs will become very strong and healthy.

Running can enhance the function of cardiovascular and respiratory system, promote the health of muscles and nerves, and improve the disease resistance of the body.

In winter, when the temperature is low, continuous running at a small pace can stimulate the body's protective response, accelerate blood circulation, accelerate blood flow in the brain and regulate the function of the brain's temperature center.

11, intestines and stomach

Middle and long distance running makes people full and optimistic, helps to increase appetite, strengthens digestion function, promotes nutrition absorption, of course, what makes people envy is how to eat not fat, ha ha.

12. All muscles

Long-term middle and long run can strengthen the muscle of lung breathing muscle, heart muscle, neck muscle, chest muscle, arm muscle and waist, hip, thigh, calf, foot etc, make everywhere muscle not easy accumulate the metabolite such as lactic acid or carbon dioxide.

Running is arguably the foundation of all sports and can have a positive impact on your participation in other sports.

13, bones,

Long-term middle-distance running can improve the strength of joints and the softness of ligaments.

It also increases the strength and density of the bones and prevents them from becoming degenerative osteoporosis in old age.