How To Get Eight Abs At Home Without Going To The Gym?

- Sep 26, 2018-

Abdominal muscle is one of men's favorite parts, somebody says to want to have abdominal muscle to rely on masochism completely, can masochism also is to have method, want to beautiful have model abdominal muscle, when exercise, motion cannot be onefold, should often change different motion, the formation of multi-angle stimulation abdominal muscle, below 15 kinds of abdominal muscle training motion, follow to learn quickly!

1. Lying on your back with stomach rolled

Keep your lower back close to the training pad

Exhale when you exert yourself

Swing your legs alternately while lying on your back

Mainly stimulate the lower abdominal part

3. Inverted V support

Breathe up and down

4. Open arms and touch feet

Straighten your legs as you expand

5. Side core training

We can go to the external oblique

Be careful not to put your butt too low or too high

The opposite elbow touches the knee

It can stimulate the external oblique

7. Change the elbow to touch the knee

1208 拷贝.jpg

8. Alternate elbow to knee on both sides

Be careful not to push your neck up

Touch your knees alternately on the side

Lie on your back and lift your legs to touch your feet

Breathe up and down

11. Abdominal exercises

12. Russia turns

13. Flat knee

Note the recumbency of the pelvis and the constriction of the abdomen

Stretch your abdominal muscles

Stretch your lower back muscles