Home Treadmill Classification

- Apr 19, 2018-

1.Classified by driving power

Mechanical treadmill

Mechanical treadmills rely on the running of the runner's feet and running belts. In simple terms, electric treadmills rely on motors to drive running belts.

2. Electric treadmill

Electric treadmills are high-end equipment for gyms and homes. They drive people through running belts to run or walk at different speeds. Due to the passive formation of running and walking, from the point of view of the action, almost the same as running or walking on the ground, but from the point of view of the human body, running on the electric treadmill, walking away from the ordinary running, leaving a stretch action. It is precisely this that makes every person walking on an electric treadmill feel very relaxed and comfortable, allowing people to run about 1/3 more distance than normal running, and energy consumption is more than ordinary walking and running. In addition, because the electronic assisted equipment on the electric treadmill has many functions and can experience different running environments, such as running on the ground, running on the slope, running on the hill, running at variable speed, etc., you can choose according to your exercise purpose.