Gym Fitness Matters! The Novice Must See!

- Oct 03, 2018-

I believe that there are a lot of fitness people who do not know what to look for when they step into the gym.

No. 1

Warm up necessary

This is not the time to comb your hair and drink a glass of water. This is a necessary process before you start exercising.

The more flabby your muscles are, the more difficult they are to harness and expand. Doing these exercises will reduce your chance of injury, so it's best to spend 5-10 minutes getting your body fully moving and feeling slightly sweaty.

You need to understand that this step is a good place to start your workout.

No. 2

Stretching is essential

There are some things in life that are easy to do, but stretching after a workout is not.

When you exercise a muscle, it becomes tight and shortens. Stretching helps to relax the muscles and prevent them from getting sore the next day.

Note: the best time to do this is after you've completed your warm-up and, at the same time, continue each movement for 20 to 30 seconds, which will help your muscles relax and allow you to get a more meaningful stretch.

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No. 3

Heavy lifting

If you blindly try to lift more than your body can carry, it can lead to muscle strains, sprains, and even back injuries.

So a weight of 3 to 6 pounds would be a good fit, usually 15 to 20 repetitions, or a slightly heavier weight if you want to get solid muscle faster but only 8 to 12 repetitions.

Remember, don't be in a rush. Only by completing your exercises in moderation will you achieve good results.

No. 4

Extreme sports

Since the goal of fitness is to stay that way for the rest of your life, don't expect to win a gold medal.

So when you find that your heart is beating so fast that you can't finish an exegesis, it means that you're overreacting, which many coaches believe is the number one reason most people give up halfway.

Because once they feel the inadequacy brought to them by the movement, they can hardly stick to it.

In addition, if you think you are not in good health, you can choose some of the lighter exercises to complete.

People who don't want to go to the gym can choose a proper aerobics video to learn how to get started and improve the coordination of movements.

Either way, you'll benefit if you don't give yourself pressure and stick to it.