Four Wrong Running Postures Affect Your Body

- Aug 31, 2018-

The correct running posture should be: the upper body slightly forward, the head is located right above the trunk, the shoulders slightly raised, the two elbows are bent to 90 degrees, and the hands semi-closed;

Run in, two arms loosen to swing naturally before and after, ham is carried forward actively, crus is relaxed naturally, depend on the front swing motion of ham, drive hip ministry forward above swing out, after be being landed first by heel, rapid transition arrives on the ground of whole ball of the foot, back pedal is sufficient powerful, stride is big and bouncy.

This can make abdominal muscle tenses, breath is even, slender, sufficient and have rhythm.

Common wrong posture:


Land on the balls of your feet.

Running on the whole foot, will be very easy "squatting feet", easy to trigger tibia osteitis, long-term impact is also easy to run into the o-leg.

Land on your toes.

When running, front foot touchdown can stimulate crus muscle strongly, time grew can cause crus to become thick, form "radish leg".

3. Internal and external feet.

Easy to cause knee joint damage, but also easy to cause X, O - type legs.

4. Too forward and backward.

Tilting forward can cause back strain, leaning back can lead to excessive muscle tension in the chest and abdomen, and over time can cause shoulder neck and back abnormalities.

Other considerations: choose the right place to run and avoid running on too hard road.

Choose lightweight, comfortable and flexible sneakers;

Appropriate stride length;

Avoid jerking your hips too much when running;

Avoid excessive exercise;

You should warm up before exercise and stretch and tidy after exercise.