- Aug 15, 2018-

Warm up for 10 minutes and get into motion

Walk slowly for 5 minutes, then gradually transition to a fast pace, walking time is also 5 minutes.

The main purpose of the fast walk is to make every muscle in the body participate in the movement through the movement of the upper limbs and the movement of the thigh, and every nerve quickly enters the movement state.

At the same time, you should also complete a good opportunity to adjust your pace, posture and breathing during the warm-up phase.

Jog for 20 minutes to activate every muscle

After a 10-minute warmup or so, the muscles of the body are activated and every nerve is in an excited state.

To jog treadmill slope up to 10 ° or so, many people misunderstanding, think in a treadmill with slope games become the calf, calf muscles will crosswise development, in fact, on the contrary, due to the reason of the slope, the calf muscles are stretch upwards, not only make the leg coarsens, can make the calf long instead.

If, after the jogging phase is still in the slope of 0 ° treadmill running, when we both feet on the ground after suspension of that moment, we will for your knee patella caused great impact.

Run at a moderate pace for 20 minutes and burn a lot of fat

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After gradual acceleration, it is time to enter the medium-speed running. The time and intensity of the medium-speed running should be under the guidance of a professional coach. If the medium-speed running can be sustained for more than 15 minutes, it can completely achieve the goal of strengthening the body.

At this stage, you should pay attention to maintaining your body balance. Your hands bend your elbows and swing your arms back and forth between your waist to accelerate your breathing rate. You should take the initiative to breathe.

Moderate speed is the stage that enters burning fat. After the first 20 minutes of exercise, the stored glycogen in the body has been decomposed to death. At this time, to continue the large amount of exercise, it is necessary to store the fat in the body to replenish energy, so as to achieve the goal of burning fat.

At the same time, the continuous abdominal contraction from the beginning of running is very helpful to shape the abdominal muscle, and the long-term effect of persistence is obvious.

Slow down steadily for 10 minutes and gradually relax your body

End to gradually reduce the running speed, by 8 km/h to 6 km/hour, and then to 3 km/hour, slope from 30 ° to 10 °, slowly for 10 minutes.

Speed quickly reduce will make muscles relax immediately, suddenly relaxed only temporarily alleviate fatigue, and after a momentary relief, the whole body ache will make your muscles become lifeless, this time is through the ascension of slope to ensure that the motor nerve tension and muscle movement, at the same time, walking on the 30 ° slope greatly can also maximize the stretching the calf muscles and calf muscle, and coxal muscle are involuntarily as running belt tightening, promoted by rolling.