Correct Exercise Method About DDS Sit Up Bench

- Aug 17, 2018-

 Correct exercise method:

1) sit-ups (mainly exercise six muscles of the abdomen, rapidly consume abdominal fat)

2) back training (mainly exercise the muscles related to the back, which is also the main method to relieve the lumbar muscle strain)

3) supine leg lifting (mainly exercise the abdominal and large leg muscles)6.jpg

2. Auxiliary exercise:

Bend your waist down, stand upright, arms and head down, and hang in the air. Don't force your hands to touch the ground.

Then stretch your back and leg muscles naturally for about a minute, and repeat 3 more times.

3. Correct sitting position:

When you sit in a chair, make sure you fill the entire surface.

Only then can the entire back be supported and the spine be straightened.

If you sit on only part of the surface of the chair, over time, your back will bend easily and lumbar muscle strain will slowly erode your back fascia.

Remember: the goal of abdominal muscle training is muscular endurance, not muscle and strength.

Finally, remember to stretch after the workout.4 拷贝.jpg