Commercial Treadmill 7 Advantages, Fitness Club Of Choice

- Apr 19, 2018-

Commercial treadmills are one of the most popular fitness equipments in the gymnasium. Multiple exercise modes and different slope adjustment systems allow athletes to experience different forms of exercise and enhance their passion. Different brands of commercial treadmills have different sports characteristics. What are the advantages of commercial treadmills?

1. Significant: Commercial treadmills have a larger load capacity than home treadmills and can satisfy the sports needs of most customers. Commercial treadmills suffer less damage than home treadmills under the same force.

2, long life: AC motor life is more than 30 times the DC motor, can be used 10-20 years.

3, low noise: AC motor noise is generally controlled below 30 decibels, while the DC motor noise can only be controlled at about 70-80 decibels.

4. Anti-jamming: The AC motor has no impact on the surrounding power grid, and the DC motor will impact the surrounding power grid when it is in use. Like the electric light, it will flicker.

5. Low failure rate: If the failure rate of the DC motor is 10%, then the failure rate of the AC motor is only about 2%. It is 5 times lower than it.

6, more secure: DC motor has a sensor, if there is a failure, the motor will be swift and slow, and sometimes turn sometimes stopped. The AC motor does not have a sensor. It has only two kinds of results. It can either turn or not, and it will not be dangerous.

7, high performance: commercial treadmill motor performance than home treadmill high. The quality and performance of commercial treadmills are higher than that of home treadmills, and this is why gyms generally choose commercial treadmills.