Can Healthy Abdomen Wheel Reduce Stomach? Healthy Abdomen Wheel Reduces Belly Have Effect?

- Aug 13, 2018-

A tummy roller can reduce belly.In the process of using, it can effectively exercise the muscles of the abdomen, waist and buttocks and other body parts, playing the role of burning belly fat to a certain extent, tightening belly muscle while helping to reduce the belly.For the belly fat layer of the United States eyebrow, fitness wheel belly reduction effect is not as good as the treadmill, need more time to see the belly reduction effect;And if the belly fat layer itself is relatively thin, using the belly wheel to reduce the belly effect is better, insist on using 2-3 months can see the effect.528.jpg

The method of strengthening the belly wheel to reduce the belly

Stand on your feet and kneel on both knees.Hold the handles of the tummy wheel in your hands, push your feet firmly on the ground, and push your body slowly forward.The goal is to increase arm and waist strength as quickly as possible.

2. Another method is to kneel on the ground with both knees (in order not to make the knees too uncomfortable, it is recommended to put on yoga mat and other things), and hold the tummy wheel tightly with both hands and push it forward.Push to the limit, and then slowly pull back.This method is right lumbar abdomen small person or female friend still more suit.

Other exercise methods for strengthening the abdominal rotation:

1. Exercise your lower legs: sit up on the chair with both feet on the tummy wheel handle. Push the tummy wheel forward with your feet.

2. Yoga-style practice: sit on the ground with your feet open in the v-shape, grasp the handles of the belly roll, push your body forward or left or right to the limit, and then pull back.

3. Reverse-back training: sit on the ground, put the tummy wheel on the back, grasp the handles of the tummy wheel with both hands, push back to the limit, and then pull back.

4. Exercise on the wall: put the tummy training wheel on the chest and push it to the top of the wall. When push it to the limit, pull it back to the chest.The above is the usual method of using the training wheel, I hope you are using the training wheel to help you.