Be Sure To Know The 8 Basics Of Fitness

- Aug 28, 2018-

1. Target muscle

Make sure you know where you are before you move.

If doing the dumbbell on the oblique lying push, should be clear to train the position for upper pectoral muscle, triceps brachii, at the same time on the front of the deltoid muscle exercise.

After you know the muscle groups for training, it's important to feel the target muscle's exertion process.

2, the action,

To fully understand the training movements of a certain part, for beginners, a part of 3-4 movements can be, when the advanced stage, a part of the training movements can be increased to 8.

Number of sets of 3,

The number of groups refers to the number of groups for each movement. Generally, beginner group is enough for 2-3 groups, intermediate group is 4-6 group, and advanced group is 8-10 group.

4. Number of times per group

The concept of the number of times per set is very important, and the number of times per set is the maximum number of times per set for a weight dumbbell.

A set of less than 6 times is used to increase strength;

8 to 12 times used to increase muscle mass;

15 to 25 times above used to improve muscle separation, carving muscle lines;

More than 25 times for fat reduction;


Be sure to know the 8 basics of fitness.

5, weight,

The maximum weight is the weight that can only be done once.

The maximum weight is 85% or more of the maximum weight;

Medium weight: 65% to 80%.

Less than 65% of the weight is small.

Training with medium and heavy weights increases strength and muscle mass.

Training with medium and small weights increases muscle clarity, separation and fineness and reduces fat.

6. Time interval between groups

This is a very important and often overlooked concept. Intergroup interval refers to the time between groups of the same action.

Generally, short intervals are about 30-45 seconds, medium intervals are about 1 minute, and longer intervals are over 1 minute and a half.

7, speed,

In fitness training, the general use of slow motion, suitable for the majority of fitness training.

Of course, some fitness methods are not excluded, by improving the speed of movement to achieve results.

8. Fitness frequency

Usually beginners can practice 3 times per week, intermediate exercisers can practice 3 to 4 times per week, and high-level athletes can practice every day during the season, or even 2 times per day.

Because the experiment shows that after a vigorous exercise training, the body function is in the decline level for 2-3 days, and the original level is restored within 3-5 days, and the overbalance recovery will be generated within 5-8 days!

As a result, many elite athletes of high caliber practice routine training only once a week in each muscle group.