14 Common Sense Aspects Of Exercise And Fitness

- Oct 05, 2018-

Some common sense about exercise and fitness that many people don't know, share.

Never drink water while exercising

Nothing could be more ridiculous.

You don't even have to wait until you're thirsty to drink.

If you feel you are about to become dehydrated, rehydrate immediately.

Drink a glass of water before your morning workout.

Cells in the body need to be recycled to get the energy they need to excrete waste.

When water is scarce, the body fluids of the moist cells will be reduced and the cells will be unable to function normally.

Without fluid, the muscles could not continue to work, and the heart would be extremely tired.

Part of the body fluid lost is blood.

That means the heart has to jump several times to keep the reduced blood circulating.

Eating sugar before exercise can improve energy levels

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Eating sugar before a game or exercise is more harmful than beneficial.

Even things like honey and lemon juice can have bad effects.

Through physiological studies, sugars cause insulin reactions.

The result is to flush sugar from the body into the storage organs.

Only after an hour and a half of running a marathon, golf, or tennis match does the excess sugar produce no additional energy.

Avoid eating certain foods before exercise

Numerous tests conducted at UCLA's human exercise lab have shown that the type of food a person eats does not matter for exercise or health.

We trawled the material, choosing foods that were on the fast list and giving them to college athletes for free.

Indigestible, gaseous, and spiced - you name it.

Neither the athletes nor the researchers found anything strange on the field or in the laboratory, nor did any athletes become ill from eating "forbidden" foods.

Don't eat before swimming

How this came about is unknown to us.

There is neither record nor scientific evidence.

Spasms rarely cause drownings.

A person who died from spasm drowning may have a heart attack.

The theory against pre-swim eating is that doing so would introduce blood into the intestines.

According to this statement, when you start exercising, your heart will overwork because your muscles need blood.

In fact, once you start exercising, the blood flow to your intestines stops and goes back to your muscles.

Exercise after eating. At most, you can feel a sharp pain in your ribs.

But cramps have little to do with food.

Salt prevents fatigue

Absolutely not.

Eating salt is worse than not eating it.

Indeed, when you sweat a lot, your muscles can spasm unless you add salt.

Too much salt can lead to nausea and vomiting.

Eat more protein to make you strong

Many athletes believe that.

As a result, the supplement salesmen were so happy that they encouraged them to open their bellies.

In fact, eating more protein is a waste of money.

The human body needs all kinds of food.

Not eating a certain food is as ridiculous as taking a supplement.

Get a few extra hours of sleep before a race or when you're tired

One can neither save nor catch up on sleep.

Sleeping 12 hours is worse than sleeping 8 hours.

More than eight or nine hours of sleep does not produce energy

Bed rest can cause disorders.

Over a maximum of nine hours, the longer you stay in bed, the more impotent you become.

Occasionally lie in bed in a relaxed state, almost as relaxed as sleep, while still getting enough recovery.

Instead of lying down and not sleeping for more than eight hours, get out of bed and move around.

When you can't sleep, you should relax.

There's a sweat before the game

Sprinters want to practise their starting movements and warm up to do no harm.

Any technique that is different from perspiration preparation can be used.

And long-distance runners not only have to do their best, but also stay cool as long as possible.

We know that the runner who stays cool the longest does best.

Prolonged preparation and perspiration are counterproductive.

One reason is that preparedness depletes nutritional supplies;

The other is that the resulting body temperature exhausts the race's energy.

This is a lesson for anyone who sets out to adapt.

Perspiration keeps one in good condition

The basic rule of exercise is to avoid sweating whenever possible.

It takes energy to beat the heat.

This energy comes from the activity of the sweat glands.

When sweat glands use energy, the body can do less work.

When exhausted, the sweat glands stop secreting activities, people are at risk of heat stroke.

In strenuous exercise, there is no danger of cool comfort, no advantage of disagreeable warmth.

Put on a sweater after exercise

This is, of course, nonsense, as much as an old grandmother's great love.

It makes no sense to wrap your clothes around your body and prolong the heat.

As for the possibility of catching a cold, it is conceivable that a part of the body, such as the neck, can become stiff but does not catch a cold as a result of changes in temperature.

While sweating after a workout, take the sweater off to help the body return to normal.

No longer feeling hot and sweating less, put on a sweater to avoid catching cold.

As long as the body does not overheat for a long time, one will feel extremely comfortable.

11. Flush cold water after hot water bath to close pores

It's totally unnecessary.

After washing hot water bath, come again cool water bath, the feeling is good, but latter should avoid really, already you are a masochism and be fond of this is good.

The torture was not only unhelpful, but life-threatening.

Cold water causes contraction of the skin and blood vessels of the heart.

Blood vessels aren't pores, and pores don't have to be "closed."

Never exercise in the hot midday sun

Noel Calder wrote in a song that only "mad dogs and Englishmen" go out in the middle of the day.

In fact, it's safest to exercise on sunny days.

When the sun is overhead, just a hat to cover the shade is enough.

But in the middle of the morning and afternoon the body cannot escape the direct rays of the sun.

Avoid sex before exercising

There is a popular belief that abstinence reserves strength.

There is no scientific basis for this.

Athletes have all sorts of taboos.

Who can get rid of taboo, the better the score.

After sex (even on the morning of the match), athletes seem to do better.

Inspired coaches encourage athletes to bring their spouses with them.

Women who exercise lose their femininity

Quite the opposite.

They will become more graceful, more intense, more energetic, softer and more dynamic.

Women who do weightlifting and gymnastics build up their muscles.

But because have thicker subcutaneous adipose layer, won't be like man so long flesh knot in one's heart, the body still can maintain female outline.

The development of the chest muscle can enhance the line of the chest, likewise, the main trouble of woman -- hip and thigh also can because of exercise become slender rise.