What do women need to pay attention to when they go to the gym

- Oct 03, 2018-

With the rise of modern living standards, women are becoming more and more enthusiastic about fitness. Many women go to the gym for the purpose of keeping or changing their body shape, thinking that they can have a good body immediately after entering the gym. This is wrong.

Fitness is a lasting activity, and it is not reliable to rely on short bursts of time. Even though the effect is obvious when exercising, once it stops, there are many negative textbooks that rebound even more sharply. It is the key for women to keep fit with a good attitude and a training plan.

Before the training physical fitness test, fill in the personal measurement form (waist size, abdominal size, body fat, weight situation), the coach will adjust the monthly training plan according to the data changes.

Start with moderate intensity. Start with aerobic exercise three to four times a week. As your strength increases, add equipment to make up for the lack of activity.

The most common form of women's fitness is aerobic exercise.

Such as jogging, climbing, cycling and so on, after losing fat, but also do some equipment.

Equipment movement, help to use up redundant quantity of heat, can have the dual purpose that exercises and reduce fat.

In the fitness room, in addition to how to complete the fitness plan under the guidance of the coach, their ability to adhere to daily is also one of the indicators of success in weight loss.

Women who go to the gym to work out should avoid the following misconceptions:

1. Dumbbell is to build muscle. As long as it is not deliberately practiced, it is not easy to build muscle and even harder than to lose fat.

So dumbbell doesn't mean muscle.

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2. Quick attack. In the short term, it is like seeing a completely different self.

Excessive exercise can also cause joint damage in women.

3, three days fishing, two days net, three minutes of enthusiasm.

Fitness must be persistent, three times a week or so is normal, and women who give themselves excuses and fail to stick to it will not see good results.

Anyhow, female fitness should be hold kind, instrument, nutrition dine come effective collocation, of hold kind of a lot of perspire can reduce fat, instrument can help model form, and nutrition food collocation can control the quantity of heat inside body effectively, 3 people combine ability reducing weight success.

Must persist, perserve, ability has and maintains the graceful shape, the healthy body.