What are the benefits of doing squats

- Oct 05, 2018-

(1) stimulate leg strength.

(2) exercise the "adductor muscle" on the inner thigh and pull the buttock line.

(3) increase explosive power.

(4) improve heart function.

(5) improve jumping ability.

However, it should be noted that squatting is not standard and also has disadvantages:

Squats the greatest harm is the harm of knee, knee joint surface with a layer of cartilage, due to its own weight, people while walking or running will produce friction between cartilage, the passage of time will wear thin, if the wear rate is greater than the speed of cartilage repair itself, the cartilage was completely disappeared, grinding out the squat knee bends, and weight-bearing joints friction between the easily injured his knee.

The squat role


Squats are a great way to improve leg strength.

Leg strength is the most important and has the greatest potential for total strength.

Strength lifting, weight lifting, strong man, throwing, these strength projects mainly rely on leg strength.


Squats also boost overall strength.

You know, leg strength plus hip strength plus waist strength, that's the bulk of total body strength.

In addition, as a result of deep squat can maximally promote testosterone to secrete, also have good effect to upper limb strength.


Develop your leg muscles first.

Legs account for more than half the length of the body.

Do not have developed leg, no matter how cannot call strong and handsome, can call at most half body strong and handsome.


Promotes muscle growth throughout the body.

Professional bodybuilders invariably put a premium on squats.

Because squats maximize testosterone production, and a good dose of testosterone promotes muscle growth all over the body.


Athletes in the biathlon are very serious about squats!

Squats can greatly improve jumping ability.


Improve heart function.

Squatting down strengthens your heart.

Practice squats regularly to make your heart stronger.


Delay senility.

The person old leg is first old, often practice deep squat, can reduce senility rate significantly.


Improve sexual performance.

It also boosts testosterone production.