Use supine board exercise to pay attention to what

- Apr 19, 2018-

Use abdominal force

When doing a sit-up exercise with a supine board, many people will force their feet because the feet are hooked on the sponge pad under the supine board. This will reduce the effect on the abdominal muscles. Therefore, when you complete the sit-up, use your abdominal muscles to pull the body up.

Stay 5-10 seconds when you fall

When doing sit-ups on a supine board, it should be as slow as possible. When it is half-down, it can stay for 5-10 seconds. This will allow the abdomen to be fully exercised, and the belly will be better.

Don't rest on the supine board

When using a supine board exercise, the head should not rest on the supine board. This will keep the abdomen in constant tension and enhance the exercise effect.

Guaranteed workouts

To achieve the effect of reducing the stomach, you need to be able to ensure the intensity of exercise. You can do two groups at the beginning of exercise, 13 in each group, and gradually increase the adjustment in order to ensure effective reduction.

Control speed

During exercise, the faster the speed is, the better the exercise effect is. The supine board exercise needs to slow down the rhythm properly so as to avoid the sports injury and at the same time to reduce the belly effect. When you get up, you have to move faster, but when you fall, you can slow down.

With other sports

Light sit-ups on the supine board, slowing down the belly. You can do some aerobic exercise at the same time, like jogging, swimming, yoga, etc. On the basis of the whole body exercise, then perform local exercises, which will have better results.