The proper use of indoor exercise bike

- Apr 19, 2018-

If you want to have a simple and effective exercise that you can do at home, then tell you: In addition to spinning, magnetic exercise bikes can do the same. As with spinning, it is important to master the correct method of use. Here's to tell everyone about the correct use of indoor exercise bikes, and attach a fitness / weight loss plan for your reference and reference.

First, warm up for exercise is essential

Before exercising, it is necessary to do warm-up exercises. You can try jogging, squatting, or knee and thigh activity; the body can sweat slightly, and the time is controlled in 7-10 minutes. Full warm-up exercise can prevent muscle strain during exercise and it is an important preparation. After riding, don't forget to do some stretching exercises.

Second, the right sportswear can add a lot to fitness

It's best to wear a loose sweatshirt while riding an exercise bike. Because of the tight clothes, it is easy to bruise or cause body aches. And a gorgeous sportswear not only makes others look pleasing to the eye, but also maintains a good mood at all times in the process of exercise, which is of great benefit to improving the fitness effect.

Third, the correct adjustment of the exercise bike is very important

Second, the seat height should be adjusted so that your feet can remain slightly bent when the pedal is at the lowest point. As for the height of the handle, it depends on personal habits. If you want to step on the car while watching TV, or if it is easy for your backache, it's best to adjust your position slightly higher. The lower position of the handle helps to increase the amount of exercise, and helps the body buttocks more.

Many people hope that the pedals of the exercise bike can be generally flat with normal bicycles, so if your pedals are round, you can replace them with the flat pedals on the sports equipment line for simple devices. In addition, if you have a fixed device on your toe, you can step on it more smoothly.