The exercise that the female must see is fitness small common sense

- Oct 03, 2018-

As a woman, of course you want to be healthy, but how?

Today, let's share a fitness tip about women's health

Does female fitness common sense have which female optimal motion to reduce weight method to have which female fitness exercise breast enhancement

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What about local fat reduction?

Fat is very difficult local consumption, almost impossible, that is to say, you cannot artificially reduce the fat of a certain place only, because fat is achieved through motion whole body consumption, of fat consumption affects whole body, won't use up through a certain motion directional.

For example, how many sit-ups a day can thin stomach, it is very unscientific.

Practice which thin which is not reliable.

Because these movements are mostly anaerobic in a certain place, that is, strength training, simply can't achieve the purpose of a large amount of fat consumption, to consume fat, must carry on the intensity is bigger, do the work much exercise, for example aerobic exercise, and time is longer.

Anaerobic exercise in one area can only strengthen and develop the muscle group in this position. In order to create muscle lines, it is necessary to reduce body fat with oxygen. For example, you do sit-ups every day.

The best way to lose weight is strength training plus aerobic exercise?

One of the most classic and traditional ways to lose fat is strength training plus aerobic exercise.

Why do I always say lose fat instead of lose weight?

Weight loss is simply weight loss, which includes muscle and fat.

That means you're losing weight, which is why some women weigh less, but their body shape just doesn't seem to fit.

Because there's not enough muscle mass to hold up the perfect three dimensional scale.

For example the flat buttock of Oriental female, originally congenitally buttock model is not good-looking, buttock big muscle muscle is insufficient again.

That basically collapses the bottom, so the goal is to lose weight anyway, I just have to drop the weight.

In fact, a person's body size does not have much to do with his or her weight.

But most of it can be achieved through exercise.

That's why two women of the same weight can sometimes be so different.

Does female fitness common sense have which female optimal motion to reduce weight method to have which female fitness exercise breast enhancement

Common questions about losing weight?

Dieting is a slippery slope:

Why is dieting the wrong way to lose weight?

The reason is a decrease in metabolism. After the success of the first diet, the basic metabolism has been seriously reduced and muscle mass has been reduced.

At this point you think you've succeeded, you stop dieting, go back to your old diet, and the tragedy begins.

You'll get fatter and faster than before, and then you'll go on a diet.

The tragedy continued until he was thrown into the hospital.

This hate without end, die last.

Diet - slimming success - recovery diet - fatter than the original diet - the second diet - this period of hatred - death.

Let me mention the "shaping method" for most women.

Some women go on a diet, control their diet, but don't exercise.

Their reason for not exercising is fear of growing muscle.

It's very difficult for women to build muscle:

Because women are biologically determined not to have much muscle mass because their testosterone levels are low.

Specifically, women have no testes and cannot produce enough testosterone to build muscle.

Except, of course, for professional female bodybuilders in the United States, most of whom inject exogenous hormones for muscle growth, anabolic steroids.

Even men need to work hard, even painfully, to build muscle and grow on a high-protein, high-carb diet.

And the process is in years.

So women can rest assured that to exercise, to run, basically, is not going to grow muscle.

Running calves don't get thicker:

Some women fear that their legs will be thick and have been stressed many times.

Not at all thick, which long-distance runner do you see?

Why do most women feel their calves get bigger?

First: after exercise, the muscles will have a temporary congestion of blood and lactic acid, even the next day.

At this point the circumference is going to get bigger.

But when the body recovers, it goes on.

Two: the crus stiffens after the movement.

And then you feel like it's getting thicker.

It's a psychological effect.

If you take a tape measure, you'll find that it's not thick at all.

And some women here would say, well, my calf is a muscle leg, it feels hard, it's born with a lot of muscle, it's possible, but in most cases, it's a layer of sebum.

If your crus is relaxed, you can easily pinch the skin of the leg. That is low body fat. It is difficult to pinch.

Your lower leg basically covers a lot of sebum.

Does female fitness common sense have which female optimal motion to reduce weight method to have which female fitness exercise breast enhancement

Control your diet, too:

If you don't control your diet, even if you're doing a lot of exercise, you won't change your body size at all.

You basically make up for it with a drink.

Therefore, try not to drink and eat snacks, that will be wasted.

Hot issue of exercise and fitness?


Some people ask if they can get breast enhancement through exercise, such as pectoral exercise.

I would say it's hard when body fat is normal, it's in your genes, it's how old you get after puberty and it's how old she is.

But breast enlargement is A bit of A struggle, as if you were an a-cup, and you may never reach the Bcup through exercise.

Except for breast enlargement or pregnancy period, your chest will not increase.

By exercising, of course, you will be visually erect.

2. If your body fat is too high, you will have a smaller chest, but not necessarily a cup.

For example, if you have a 4cm reduction in your upper chest and a 7cm decrease in your lower chest, then congratulations. Although your chest is smaller, the cup is larger.