The correct use of the supine board

- Apr 19, 2018-

As a body-relaxing exercise equipment, the supine board has entered millions of households. Can you really understand the proper use of the supine board after you have bought it?

1, the correct method of exercise:

1) Sit-ups (mainly six packs of abdominal muscles, quickly consume abdominal fat)

2) Receiving exercise (mainly exercising back-related muscle groups, which is also the main method to relieve lumbar muscle strain)

3) Supine leg lift (mainly exercises abdominal and thigh muscles)

2, assisted exercise methods:

Waist down, legs upright, arms and head sagging, hanging in the air, do not force their hands to touch the ground, try to relax the muscles, and then naturally stretch the back and leg muscles, stop for a minute, repeat 3 times.

3, the correct posture:

When sitting in a chair, be sure to sit over the entire chair. Because only then, the entire back can be supported and the spine can be straightened.

If you only sit on a part of the chair for a long time and the back is easily bent, the strain on the lumbar muscles will slowly erode your back fascia.

Remember: The training target for abdominal muscles is muscle endurance instead of increasing muscle and strength. Finally remember to exercise after exercise.