The benefits of riding an exercise bike

- Apr 19, 2018-

The reporter learned from the survey that the exercise bike is a slimming device that the public loves very much. According to the introduction, the exercise bike is very similar to an ordinary bicycle. It has handlebars, seats, seesaws, and wheels. The body is fixed as a complete body. The difference from the ordinary bicycle is that its structure makes the exerciser feel more comfortable.

As with all aerobic exercise, the exercise bike is also used to reduce body fat and lean body while fully activating the body's exercise cells. According to experts, exercise bikes have very high requirements for physical fitness. Usually, a single exercise can consume about 500 kcal of calories, but it also discharges a lot of sweat, and the body's water loss is very fast. Therefore, it needs timely replenishment. But a large amount of water loss does not mean that it is relying on "reduce water" to lose weight. If you bring a heart rate watch while you are exercising, you will clearly see that you are in the process of exercise and from the moment you are completely Fat is consumed. In the leg-centered exercise, the muscles of the buttocks, waist, back, and arms can be fully exercised while also enhancing your heart and lung function.

For the crowd: basically no age limit, adapted to all people with athletic ability

Slimming effect: ★★★★

Slimming part: legs, good effect on buttocks and waist

Tips: Before getting on the train, you first need to adjust the height of the seat. Usually the height is based on the height when you stand on the ground, raise your thigh and level with the ground, so when you ride, the angle between the thigh and calf is not Will be too small, thus reducing the burden on the knee to avoid injury; then the position of the seat to determine the position of the handlebars, hand in the forefront of the handlebars, elbow on the most appropriate position in the nearest position, the body needs to be compact The arm does not feel like it's hard to reach forward. The height of the handlebars can also be raised or lowered according to the rider's size.