The advantages and disadvantages of girls' fitness

- Oct 03, 2018-

The benefits of girls' fitness include strengthening muscles, burning fat, increasing bone density and reducing muscle soreness.

Build muscle strength

With weight training, women can increase their maximum strength load by 30 to 50 percent. Not only is it easier to hold children, wash clothes and do housework, but other activities are less likely to cause damage.

Burn body fat

Women have been lifting weights two to three times a week for two months, losing 1.6 kilograms of fat and "building" nearly 1 kilogram of muscle.

What's more, the muscle gained through exercise will continue to burn calories, with 500 grams of muscle burning 35 to 50 calories per day.

And the average aerobic exercise can't do that.

Don't worry about overly masculine muscle lines

Because women have far less of a hormone involved in muscle growth than men, women often don't gain extra bulk as a result of weight training.

This is one reason young American women are so keen on strength training.

Increase bone density

With weight training, the amount of calcium in a woman's spine can increase by 13% in just six months.

Combined with a proper diet, it is a good defense against osteoporosis caused by calcium deficiency.

Many older women in the United States are keen on weight training, mainly for this reason.

Reduce muscle soreness

Strength training, such as weight lifting, promotes skeletal muscle development and strengthens soft tissues and joints.

Weight training can successfully relieve and eliminate chronic back pain with up to 80 percent efficiency.

Increase cardiovascular function

Weight lifting can reduce bad cholesterol, raise good cholesterol, and relieve high blood pressure.

Especially for the middle and elderly patients with cardiovascular disease, the efficacy is particularly significant.

After four months of weight training, the body's ability to metabolize glucose increases by 23 percent, greatly reducing the risk of diabetes.

7. Enhance confidence

After 10 weeks of strength training, the subjects were able to effectively alleviate depression, which was more effective than psychological counseling.

Through strength training such as weightlifting, women can improve their confidence, resist external pressure and have better psychological quality.

The disadvantages of girls' fitness

The advantages and disadvantages of girls' bodybuilding

One, the field is not normal, the coach is not professional, fitness exercise has the opposite effect

Fitness should choose professional training places, many training places, facilities are simple, the coach is not professional.

First of all, the training place should be a clean and comfortable environment with fresh and clean air and elegant environment, which can help the fitness students to relax physically and mentally. Imagine that the whole fitness place is full of smoke, and the ground is full of discarded garbage. Who still has this mood for fitness?

It just becomes more irritable, more agitated and counterproductive.

Secondly, training places should pay attention to the comprehensiveness of equipment, fitness equipment is not up to standard, equipment quantity is not enough, a group of people around a treadmill, a sandbag are three or four people at the same time, think of all tired.

Last but not least, a professional coach is also very important. A coach without certificate is just a piece of paper. It is likely that the fitness coach is weaker than yours.

2. Irregular exercise can aggravate physical strain and weaken physical constitution

Every use of fitness equipment, there are instructions, or manual, is just like a treadmill, different speed, also set the mileage, etc., if blindly going faster, speed, and ignored the ability of the body itself, not regular fitness movement, not making good fitness plan, it will only add to the body strain degree, system will be more weak.

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At the end of the day, you'll find that your back aches and you can't carry on anymore.

Three, blind try fitness equipment, not targeted at training, wasted a day of fitness

When you go to the gym and see a set of fitness equipment, you are very excited, but you do not know the function of this equipment, blindly go to the training, the results of the day, found that they want to enhance the project did not improve, but feel empty, that is because you do not understand the role of each set of equipment.

There are many types of fitness equipment, some for working the abs, some for strengthening the chest, biceps, back and calf muscles, all of which are specifically classified in fitness.

Before training, you need to have a sense of purpose. You need to know what you need to train.

Otherwise, blind trial and indiscriminate use are useless.