The 3 most unrecommended positions for squats are equally painful!

- Oct 05, 2018-

No squats, no buttocks.

Squats this action, everybody is not unfamiliar, but the advantage of squats can not stop this.

In strength training, squats are complex, whole-body exercises: they work well not only on the hips and legs, but also create ideal conditions for the entire body, such as accelerating the release of testosterone and growth hormones and improving metabolic capacity.

In reducing weight fitness circle, deep squat is called "the king of action", to increase muscle efficiency is very high: muscle burns fat, so deep squat is in enhancement strength while, can let reduce weight also be like tiger add wing.


There are so many benefits to squatting.

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Mistake 1: brace your back or arch your back

A lot of people when squatting deep, can pucker up very tall, hold back or bow back, but such force can concentrate more in the waist, cause the lumbar damage easily.

Mistake 2: knee inseam, pronation

The risk of injury of ligament, meniscus increases with buckle of knee inside, turn outside can make, suggest double foot and shoulder are same as wide, crus is not askew, knee maintains stability.

Mistake 3: the knee is over the toe

Here say overmuch, because be not absolute requirement, to the person with longer crus, can exceed a dot slightly.

But don't overdo it, or the strength will be on the knees, not good.

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Correct posture for deep squats

1. Order of movement: belly in, the pelvis should be in neutral position, buttocks should be tightened, hips should be bent first, and then knees.

2. Action route: when squatting from the top to the bottom, do the action on the vertical surface instead of the inclined one.

3. Action points: the feet should be slightly larger than the shoulders, and the toes should be in the same direction as the knees (feet, knees and hips are in the same line).

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There are many variations to the squats, of course. Here are seven free squats to test your physical endurance.

Alternating right and left squats

Alternate knee squats

Alternate knee squats

Width of the squat

5 拷贝.jpg

Wide left and right to raise the knee squat

Wide cross - knee squats

The squat lift heel

These squats above, might as well choose 5-6 exercise everyday, have very good effect to model form, burning fat.