Some general knowledge about fitness (1)

- Oct 05, 2018-

If you really want to work out, or if you're already working out, keep learning about it.

Fitness knowledge, can help us to more quickly improve their fitness level, can let we go way less in fitness, can protect themselves in the process of exercise, avoid big weight they damage our bodies, so if you don't have a fitness knowledge, continue to try new action, so please study your own actions, then began to fitness.

Today we're going to talk a little bit about the basics of fitness, and I'm going to tell you what to look for, and why to look for it.

How can we better protect ourselves?

Ditch the conventional wisdom about fitness

Running is one of the cheapest, most effective and most convenient exercise for weight loss.

Actually do you think so is your understanding of running is not enough, in fact running is not suitable for some people, that is fat, after running very hurt our knee joints, because you are concentrated in the largest weight of your upper body, if you many years of running, the body will adjust to the strength of the running, it will lose weight more slowly, anaerobic power exercise, I suggest you do first to reduce fat effect is better, the reduced fat can swimming, jogging, cycling, elliptical machine, and so on.

Eat fat before going to the gym.

In fact, I also thought like this before bodybuilding. Actually, most of what we eat at ordinary times are fat, which cannot be converted into muscle. Fat is fat, muscle is muscle, and the growth mode of muscle is constantly replenished by protein, in fact, muscle itself is a kind of protein.

Working out is just doing exercises.

If you really want to get fit, you need to get your muscles involved. They need to be stimulated and within your own reasonable weight to get your muscles involved.

I just want to be thin.

Many people tell me whether fitness can only thin stomach, think I want to have abdominal muscles, in fact, the human body is an organic whole, the brain controls each of our nerves, so you will only be overall thin in the process of fitness, not thin that area.

Protein powder is a medicine.

Many people do not understand that protein powder is the medicine that bodybuilders take, because bodybuilders take medicine when they compete.

In fact, protein powder is extracted from milk, and milk is the same, but after 30 minutes of fitness, protein powder should be added, your fitness effect is better, so protein powder is more convenient and quick characteristics, so that protein powder is more acceptable.

Dieting works better than physical exercise.

Many girls want to go on a diet to lose weight. Some people go on a diet for a period of time.

Actually otherwise, you must first make clear on the difference between the reduced fat and weight loss, weight loss is to reduce the human body, water, muscle, fat, the weight of the diet is eating you don't let your body to burn more fat, the body is clever, he doesn't have the energy to come in, it will reduce the metabolism, working at the same time use your muscles, your liver sometimes loss, so to go on a diet.

Exercise to burn your fat, not your muscles.

No oil at all.

Many of us think that if something is not good, we should skip it completely. In fact, it is also a kind of energy. If absolutely no oil, it will slow down your body metabolism

Skip breakfast.

As we all know, skipping breakfast is a habit for many people. Skipping breakfast will slow down your metabolism and make you eat more for lunch and dinner.

Don't eat after working out.

Actually after fitness, body lies in a highly protein to need, need to fill in in 30 minutes, the best is not eat and drink and eat casually, need you to add that protein rather than fat, so at this time of the protein powder is quick and convenient supply, also can eat some eggs, beef, chicken, and so on.

It takes a long time.

Many people think that I need a lot of quick results, so I need to put on a lot of weight and exercise for a long time. In fact, a long time of exercise will not only make your fitness effect not so good, but also cause damage to your body. It is recommended to do it in about an hour.

Eat only one food.

Some people think that beef is high in protein, so I only eat beef, in fact, eating a single food will make you malnourished, so you should eat comprehensive, healthy fat, protein, fruit, vegetables and so on.

Drink some diet tea, the medicine that reduce weight can reduce weight.

Some people are very fat go to drugstore to buy some of product reducing weight, reducing weight product is to let your adipose reduce really quite, but you also should know the side effect of medicine reducing weight, and harm.

Weight loss drugs are designed to regulate your metabolism to help you lose weight.

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Today I'd like to talk to you about other things, such as how muscles grow, what to watch for in the gym, and why you should remember their names.

Suddenly I see that I have written so much, so I want to share with you in the next chapter.

I will share with you my fitness process, feelings and achievements in the future.

Why do I choose fitness as my lifelong pursuit and why do we media in today's headlines?

I hope you can feel my attitude towards fitness. I hope you can stick to your initial choice and fulfill your dreams.

We'll talk about the basics of fitness in the next chapter, thanks for reading.