Sitting is bad for your health

- Sep 11, 2018-

Stretching is an amazing workout and relaxation exercise that can help you relax any part of your body on any field, whether it's after a workout or during a break at work.

Especially sitting partners, stretching is a must to learn!

How to relax sitting too much how to stretch how to stretch healthy

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Stretch action full details

Action 1: stretch the elbow.

Just sit with your palm on top of the shoulder joint on the other side. To reach, hold your elbow with your other hand: for example, place the palm of your right hand on the shoulder joint. Hold your right elbow with your left hand.

Action 2: stretch the knee.

Also sit to be able to do well of movement, upright sitting position, raise the leg of one side, let knee bend, the ball of the foot is put on the chair, both hands hold crus place, let thigh as far as possible close oneself body, can finish with a little bit of strength, hold to almost 10 seconds can!

Move 3: stretch by sitting with straight legs.

Straighten up your sitting position, straighten your legs, avoid slipping out of your chair, and bend your body so that your hands are as straight as possible to touch your toes.

Of course, if flexibility is really difficult to achieve, you can do it slowly, safety is most important.

How to relax sitting too much how to stretch how to stretch healthy

Action 4: stretch backwards.

Find a stool and sit on it with your body straight. Straighten your hands behind you.

Then simultaneously press forward and backward, that is, hold your chest out and stretch your hands behind.

Action is the opposite force, so the best stretching effect, adhere to about 5 seconds can.

Move 5: move your neck from side to side.

Sitting for long periods of time is also not good for the neck of the body, and properly stretching the neck can make it more comfortable.

Sit in a chair, tilting your head slightly, and slowly turn your neck, which can be rotated back and forth, left and right, ending with a 360-degree turn.

Action 6: stretch upward.

Sit, put your hands straight above your head and cross your palms. Keep your palms facing upward. Hold your body straight and then lift it up with enough force.

How to relax sitting too much how to stretch how to stretch healthy

Action 7: stretch by stepping.

Bend your knees so that one leg is parallel to the ground and the other leg is held out from behind.

Lift your head up and look out of the sky.

This action is great for stretching your belly!

Action 8: push the wall and stretch.

Find a wall or gate in your office, place one hand on the wall, press it hard, place the other hand naturally, and gently rotate your body, giving your shoulders a feeling of passive stretching.

Sitting is not terrible, scary is you do not want to change under, appropriate stretching is able to help resolve the huge physical damage caused by sitting, so for the often sedentary partners, it is necessary to timely stretching exercise.

And stretch action is relatively simple mostly, also won't use a lot of time temporarily, hope for the health of the body, everybody must be good to collect, take exercise rise!