Learn 14 basics about fitness

- Oct 05, 2018-

First: stick to basic training

Directly with the simplest of big free weight to train large weight, don't ignore the basic action, such as hard to pull the compound action of muscle growth is the best, in every training should be the most effective compound action on the front, the compound action after finish big weight, reoccupy isolated actions or instrument to improve muscle, to the depth of the force

Second: protein

Don't limit your protein intake. The more protein you eat, the faster your muscles will grow. The standard protein intake for general fitness is at least one gram of protein per pound of body weight

Third: carbohydrates

Carbohydrates increased muscle mass is the main food, but too much carbohydrate intake can increase body fat content, so attention should be paid to carbohydrate intake, the intake of general fitness standard is at least a pound weight more than 2 grams of carbohydrate, so it is necessary to increase intake to a pound weight 2.5-3 grams carbohydrates, but not any more, not only can't digest the food into fat, the best arrangement is in training day keep carbon water at about 3 g, especially when the training intensity is larger, this is a must, if it is a little muscle in training or rest day

It can be reduced slightly, but it can't be less than 2,5 grams, which makes it difficult to reach the full potential of muscle growth.

Fourth: compulsory course

A barbell exercise should be prepared for each muscle area. If there is no barbell exercise with heavy weight, the muscle volume and strength will definitely decline. Only with heavy weight training can the muscle grow and improve continuously.

Fifth: circumference

Regardless if want a muscle volume and developed in the first place, before haven't practice the muscles of the super rich, no need too much attention to muscle lines and well-balanced, because doing so would slow down the development of the muscles, if the muscles have the ideal size and surrounded degree later, again to repair the line of muscle and the degree of symmetry, muscle size is big.9302  1 拷贝.jpg

6. Maintain correct training posture with standard posture

Whether powerlifting or fitness training, keep the most standard action is the most important thing, especially when doing the powerlifting, even if again big load, the higher the difficulty, also to ensure the high quality of the training actions, amplitude is enough big, but never can share, the load is applied on the exercise of target, otherwise, will only increase the risk of injury.

Seventh: in the bodybuilding training, the load is not the most important

Fitness training and strength to take different, powerlifting only care about in the right position to push the greater weight, and fitness training is the real meaning of muscle fatigue, weight, though important, but more importantly feel the muscles to stretch and squeeze in training, between each two actions should not be too long a pause, most is two seconds, otherwise it will only get muscle respite, but can not reach the purpose of the training.

Number eight: number effect

Need to know all kinds of training effect, with the number of different training can produce different effect, between 1-5, mainly is the overall development of muscle strength exercise times and this number is only suitable for large weight of free weight training, such as the bench press, squat, pull, etc. Although good consciousness of muscle strength, but also has his shortcomings, is if you use the training methods of muscle volume is not obvious, the real development of muscle is the standard number 8-12 and 6-8, between these two kinds of exercise is one of the best times for muscle development, but not for muscle strength between 1-5 times

Training is faster, more than 15 times the number of training is mainly to improve muscle line, increase the degree of muscle, but little effect on muscle size and strength, for beginners should not adopt this kind of training method, for beginners in the bodybuilding training volume is small, should put the muscle volume reaches a certain degree again after on line training.

Intergroup rest

Need to know all kinds of training times breaks between exercise group, if used improperly, training effect must be discounted. Between 1-5 big weight training the rest of time should not be too short, because now the main purpose is to push the greater weight rather than the degree of stimulation to muscle, so don't have to be careful in the rest between groups is too long, as long as you can push the greater weight is ok, this is called powerlifting, although say to rest longer, but must control the rest time within 3 minutes, if you rest too long, to cause a decline in body temperature, which means that greatly increase the risk of injury, between the group of fitness training must rest

Control within 1-1.5 m, if more than this time, the depth of muscle will not, because I think every one should continue to training area has a strong stimulus and muscles burn feeling, because this time is mainly developing muscle volume and let him reach the depth of rest, if you can, you can also rest less, generally for composite action can rest longer, can reach 1.5 minutes rest between groups, because it is the consumption of compound action, so recover more slowly, so I can rest more than isolated form, but don't more than 1.5 minutes, while for isolated movements

Mainly in the last complete muscle fatigue, so you can't let him rest for too long, but in order to keep the medium frequency, so that each group has a 1 minute of time to rest is enough. If you use the number of each group were more than 15 times training program, should greatly reduce your rest time, because this time is mainly exercise muscle endurance and line, between all the groups have a half minutes rest time is enough, or you can't achieve the goal of the exercise.

Tenth: the main diet of bodybuilding no matter you use how effective nutrition supplement, also cannot replace daily meal

Every day I eat a lot of beef and chicken breast while many supplements to eat, too. I want to eat every day on nine times, including eating supplements light only two, seven, and the food there are two food meal each contain a mixture of protein powder and milk drink, supplements take a total of four times a day, food meal with a total of seven, in general, bodybuilding day to eat at least six or more body-building food, this is the lowest request myself very clear know, if using dietary supplements to replace the ordinary, so my muscles will soon lose quality and status, even to cut off the size of muscles.

Learn how to overcome the platform period

(1) plateau means muscles after a period of time in training of stagnant growth slow or become, at the same time continue to grow, must learn to how to make muscle commonly plateau is mostly to use the same training courses or training for a long time, so after a period of time in training should be regular change of certain muscles training action and make the order

(2) change the number of training is also a kind of very good method, don't let the noise of muscle now completely adapt to the training, in the regular training one to two months after the use of the number of training at ordinary times is rarely used, so can make muscles ultimate shock, such as in your training after two months, in this way, if you practice leg lift heel at ordinary times using the number of each group of about 25 times and now you in order to let him continue to grow, you can use each set 6-8 times of low frequency or high load on each group to do this will make you 100 times of crus have an unprecedented new feeling, make it feel very strange, to promote

Into his continuous growth

(3) high strength training rule is the best way to overcome the plateau, the training method can push your muscles to extreme fatigue, the degree of fatigue, muscle will grow faster, though this kind of high strength training for muscle growth is very effective, but can not use too much, otherwise will only make muscle tissue, to stop the growth of muscle, about a month to use the high strength training once is enough, but these methods are not suitable for training time in a year of fitness beginners, beginners as long as you have the right diet plan and training plan has been enough, and is generally not happen a plateau, and so on and so forth

Excessive training

Overtraining is the easiest mistake many bodybuilders, once the muscles fatigue too, his strength will be weakened muscle growth will be stagnant, the body's immune system will greatly reduce, in order to avoid the happening of this kind of situation, must be reasonable arrangements for training and rest, the growth of the muscle is outside the gym, when I was in training not pathetic, I'll make muscle cellulosic constantly broken, and I'll give him the best care on the outside of the gym, I will supply it adequate nutrition and let him rest well for me, a week for the same training more than two parts, the volume

It's too much. It's best to work on the same area once a week, at least for me. I don't work on the large or small muscle groups twice a week

The importance of stretching

This kind of stretching is very important to a bodybuilder. It can greatly reduce the risk of injury during training, and it can also help increase the intensity of training. There are many reasons why I attach great importance to him

(1) the reason why I was attracted to it in the first place is that it can effectively improve my strength lifting ability. Indeed, my weight bearing ability has been improved after I started a lot of stretching exercises

(2) the most important thing is that stretching can effectively avoid injury due to insufficient flexibility. Flexibility is very important in training, especially in shoulder and back training

(3) it can improve your training intensity, but also reduce the accumulation of lactic acid after muscle in training, let you off at the next set is the number of do more training, I will use between groups on the rest of time in training to stretch, this allows better training area full of blood, as you know, is very important to the development of muscles, blood and stretching exercises can help you reach this point

Train hard

No matter how much you have a perfect training program and diet plan, if you can't stick to it long, you will never can't be successful one day, "training" these four words in full in a lot of meaning, is not to say that when you were in training practice enough can succeed, whether diet, training, and some reasonable arrangements, you must not do anything, to do the above, you are bound to sacrifice a lot of time and fun, such as training day is today, you have to stay at home all day to eat on time bodybuilding diet, you must prepare for today's homework, you can't go out to play, can't eat on muscle didn't help

You have to refuse to go out and play with your friends. You can't go to the Internet too much. You can't watch too many TV programs.

Don't look down upon the above several aspects, these small details will cause you can't go all out in the strong and handsome the sport, if can't do these points above, you will not be able to become a real professional. This is one of the most supreme himself all philosophy a bodybuilding principle, I have been to comply with the principles of the sport, don't know how many things sacrificed to meet these requirements, and these are my own understanding in bodybuilding, am is the heart and soul into it, otherwise it is impossible to achieve your ultimate goal.