In addition to warming up, there are 2 points of preparation before squatting. Did you do it

- Oct 05, 2018-

Squats, it is very good compound movement, the squats of gravity deep to the ground, dress does not have strict requirement, and through changing the distance of the feet, and the point of the toe, can exercise buttock leg adequately.

When doing deep squats with heavy loads, we can hold the weights according to the dumbbells and position the barbells, and at the same time exercise a lot of muscles in our upper body.

It is because squats need to move a lot of muscle groups around the body, so squats are generally considered one of the more calorie-burning moves.

Because of the complexity of the action, the chances of getting it wrong are greatly increased.

Below, we will talk about the four most common problems when squatting. I hope you can achieve the purpose of exercise through proper squatting.

1. No 2 preparation work

The preparation before squatting is not just the warm-up before exercise, or the activity of muscle activation, but our starting posture and breathing.

Before squatting, first make it clear that we are looking for the effectiveness of each move, not the quantity and speed, so it is best to adjust the starting position of the body before each squat, raising the chest and tightening the stomach.

Second, breathe.

When squatting, if your movement frequency is relatively fast, your breathing rhythm can not keep up with the movement rhythm, not only tired fast, but also poor effect.

How about this time? Before squatting down, adjust your breathing while standing, then inhale to squat down and exhale to stand up and find your rhythm.

2. Misplaced the barbell

When doing the barbell weight squat, many people will press the barbell bar on the spine, or on the shoulder bone, which is very dangerous, in heavy weight, will have the risk of breaking the bone.

Also, if you press the barbell in this position, whether it's to lighten the load, or because it's really uncomfortable (and, of all people, it's going to stay that way!).

When the trainer shrugs or circles the shoulder, the movement is completely distorted.

As a matter of fact, barbells are better placed where muscles gather. When you do a high squat, the barbell is just above the trapezius muscle.

When you do a low squat, the barbell is placed at the back of your shoulders.

Your feet aren't steady

When squatting to get up, the feet should trample the ground, with the help of pedaling the ground, produced explosive force, up.

If, at this time, you stand unsteadily, your feet do not firmly stand on the ground, you lose this explosive power.

Look, get up when, upper part of the body is askew, still can cause bigger burden to crus, ankle place.

Therefore, to maintain a stable standing posture, first find the appropriate standing position, feet right under the barbell bar, the center of gravity in the widest position of the feet, so that the feet bear the most uniform distribution of force, not easy to tilt.

4. Knee buckle

This is all people have heard of, but in fact it is very difficult to cure the problem, especially girls, the habit of internal buckle, when exercising, it is very difficult to find their own problems.

1208T 拷贝.jpg

In fact, the correct squat can strengthen our quadriceps and the muscle groups around the knee, so as to better protect our knees.

But the knee buckle will add to the burden on the knee, which is also the reason why the more people do squats, the more painful the knee.

Therefore, the fourth problem can be solved in the first one. Before each squat, please adjust your breathing, and control your knees and toes pointing in the same direction while adjusting the posture of the upper body, without indenting, and then conduct the movement training.