If you don't exercise these 10 moves, you'll never get in shape!

- Sep 07, 2018-

There are a lot of movements that you can train in a normal part of your body, but here are 10 golden moves that you should make sure to include in your daily training schedule, as they are really irreplaceable!

1, the squat

The ace action that exercises leg, hip muscle, and still mobilized much muscle to send a force at the same time, have effect to reducing fat likewise.

The squats mentioned here are not limited to doing barbell weight squats in the gym. You can also choose to do unarmed squats.

2, a hard pull

Hard pulls rival deep squats, not only by bombarding your back and strengthening your core muscles, but by producing the greatest amount of androgen that can be produced during training, as no other form of exercise can.

Androgens can create an environment conducive to muscle growth, thereby increasing strength in the upper and lower body.

It can also boost your libido.

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3, the bench press

It's fair to say that almost all fitness beginners start with bench press, which is also one of the most basic exercises for upper body strength training.

To develop a good pectoral muscle, use this position to push the bar absolutely.

4, put

The basic motion of deltoid muscle exercise, often USES the big weight, in the deltoid muscle bundle stimulation is extremely.

Pushing can be the best thing you can do to develop a well-shaped shoulder.

Sitting on a bench with your back straight, hold the dumbbell with your forehand to your shoulders, palm forward.

Inhale as you move, push the dumbbell vertically up, exhale when you're done, and repeat.

Practice by sitting or standing.

Lean over and row

Generally refers to bending the leg hard pull, pay attention not to bow back, and carefully feel back strength.

Stand with your feet in an octagon, with the barbell in front of you, bend your knees and bend your knees, hold the barbell with your hands about shoulder width or shoulder width, lift your head slightly, lift your chest and back tight, raise your hips, and bend forward about 45 degrees.

Leg muscle exerts knee to lift bell, stop slightly.

Then bend your knees and slowly come back down.

To improve the effect of exercise, when the barbell does not touch the ground to reach the highest point, the shoulders as far as possible, head up and straight chest, stop for 3 seconds.

Undo. Repeat.

Pull up

Back exercises are the most basic and convenient exercise.

When gravity pull can not do, may wish to start from the borrow.

The hands are wide to hold the horizontal bar (palm forward), slightly wider to the shoulder, feet off the ground, and the arms hang straight.

Pull up the body with the contractile force of the lats. Pause when the bar passes the bar. Rest for one second, causing the lats to contract completely.

Gradually relax the latissimus dorsi muscle, allowing the body to slowly descend until it comes back to full ptosis and repeat.

You can bend your knees and cross your lower legs back so that you lean back slightly and work your back muscles better.

7, for

In fact, the training of the two heads is just such a move...

There's so much variation in the method of bending, the hammer, the dumbbell, the barbell, the bar, the priest kick...

In essence, from this bending move, we get a huge biceps like steel!

8. Three-head arm flexion and extension

It mainly exercises chest muscle, triceps brachii and deltoid muscle (anterior fascia).

The equipment required is the best parallel bar.

The strength of initial practitioner is not good, can choose the life furniture such as bench, bed, take same action to undertake (because the foot steps ground can reduce weight load).

The movement process is the two hands separately hold the bar, two arms support on the parallel bar, the head is upright chest top shoulder, the trunk, the upper limb is perpendicular to the parallel bar, after the knees the lower leg overlaps in the ankle of both feet.

The elbow joint bends slowly, while the shoulder joint extends and bends, gradually lowering the body to the lowest position.

Pause for a moment, and pull up the arms until they are fully restored.

9, straight leg hard pull

A stiff straight leg can be a good exercise for the back of the thigh and the back of the thigh, as the saying goes, if the back of your thigh isn't strong enough, you won't feel the maximum squat weight.

Note the importance of stiffening the posterior femoral muscle group with a straight leg.

10. Weight-lifting heel

This action is to train crus, although the person that practices in daily training is not much.

But to you of whole body development, crus also cannot neglect a place.

Because emaciated crus can affect your whole body absolutely.