How to make the most effective plank

- Oct 05, 2018-

In recent years, the plank has become one of the most popular sports for many fitness and weight watchers.

Plank support, without jumping or jumping, a small, seemingly static action, but can exercise a lot of parts.

Upper body, lower limb, core strength can also be exercised.

Plank effect

Plank effect

But there was time, in addition to the standard level of motion, for previous measurements of plank support.

Previously, the longer you can hold on, the better.

But is it really true?

Can hold to 3 minutes, very fierce, the effect is certain best?

Recently, foreign experts and the media have come up with a statement that surprises many.

That is, the plank is over 10 seconds meaningless.

That said, the plank, after more than 10 seconds, doesn't have that much effect.

Experts say that more than 10 seconds of plank support is just refreshing your time record, but it doesn't have much of a workout effect.

Tablet support

Tablet support

So, exactly how to make the plank most effective?

Experts put forward the method of multi-group training.

That is, each group is divided into 3 times, and each time is 10 seconds.

In other words, if you can stick to the plank for three minutes, don't stick to it for three minutes at a time.

I'm going to do it three times.

And each time you do it, if you can do it consistently in groups 2 or 3, it's going to take a lot more time to add up than if you do it all at once for 3 minutes.

The natural effect is better, and because you can hold on for only 10 seconds at a time, your muscles are less tense, you seem less tired, and you're naturally able to extend your time.

Flat support for 10 seconds is meaningless

Flat support for 10 seconds is meaningless

This separation actually plays a role in "tricking" oneself from muscle and nerve responses.

So experts have come up with the idea that it doesn't make sense to support a tablet for more than 10 seconds, which is a new experiment for the sport.

Believe that you will get better results by using subgroups of support for no more than 10 seconds at a time.

Let's try it together!