How long can exercise after meal suit to do what sport after meal

- Sep 11, 2018-

Although sports can strengthen the body and keep fit, it is very harmful to the body to exercise immediately after meals, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects.

How long can exercise after the meal do what exercise after the meal to suit to do what sport after the meal

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1. Blood flow distribution disorder.

After the meal is the peak period of digestion and gastrointestinal movement, at this time a large amount of blood is mainly involved, but if exercise, the whole body muscle movement also needs a large number of blood participation, so easy to seize the blood volume of digestive organs, roughly blood distribution disorder, both affect the exercise effect and harm the health.

2. Stimulate intestines and stomach.

Exercise after a meal is easy to stimulate the stomach, when the stomach is full of food, if exercise, so that the mesentery connected to the stomach and intestines will be pulled, resulting in abdominal pain.

3, leading to gastrointestinal illness.

Exercise immediately after a meal can also increase the chance of suffering from other gastrointestinal diseases such as appendicitis.

When appendicitis attacks, the pain is more obvious, and will gradually aggravate, the occurrence of such pain should seek medical advice in time.

Abdominal pain.

The most direct effect of immediate exercise after a meal is abdominal pain, which is mainly caused by three factors.

During exercise, the whole body oxygen demand increases, and the negative pressure of thorax decreases, resulting in obstruction of hepatic blood flow, which leads to liver congestion and increased tension of liver capsule, leading to liver pain.

Exercise after meal leads to gastrointestinal illness and so on.

How long can exercise after the meal do what exercise after the meal to suit to do what sport after the meal

How long do you exercise after meals?

Make violent motion immediately after eating a meal, can restrain the secretion of digestive fluid and the wriggle of digestive conduit.

Should depend on individual's constitution, athletic item, quantity of carry out a quantity and athletic intensity and decide.

The person that the body is healthy and often participates in motion, after the meal rests an hour or so, can be engaged in motion.

Most of the time interval between meal and exercise will depend on meal and dosage. Other decisive factors include age, physical condition and exercise intensity.

Suppose the reader is an average middle-aged person.

If you eat a large amount of food before exercise, and most of the time is more than two hours between meals that are high in protein and fat.

If you eat a smaller meal, which is dominated by carbohydrates, the interval can be reduced to 30 minutes to an hour.

Any change is best done in a gradual manner, but if there are any muscular or digestive problems, you need to pause.

Generally speaking, the person that does not often move and the person with weak body, had better be in after meal 0.5 ~ 1 hour motion is more appropriate.

Formal exercise and vigorous competition, preferably 1.5 hours after the meal.

Should not be strenuous exercise after the meal does not exclude to undertake relaxed motion after the meal, everybody can do right amount motion according to his condition, take a walk for example or do other and slight activity, still be advantageous to enhancing health.

How long can exercise after the meal do what exercise after the meal to suit to do what sport after the meal

What exercise is good after meals?

1. Take a walk

For a walk after dinner, this is a lot of people will choose a way, because it compared with other sports, can say is no exercise intensity, which conforms to the sport after the meal, because after dinner should not be their strenuous exercise, walking is the most comfortable, leisure method, after dinner, we can go down to the park for a walk, or walking around in the lobby, take a walk after dinner can lower blood sugar in the movement, also help intestines and stomach digestion, pay attention to want satisfaction effect, insist on half an hour's walk.

2. Stand up

Stand for half an hour after a meal, and stick to stand half an hour or more, the effect is best, standing just a wall, and then back to the wall, the standard position is hold your head high, double foot heel together, tiptoe to open outward in a straight line, knees together, the whole leg, including lower body, tightly stick on the wall, slowly from the spine to the shoulder, hip, waist, the last is the back of the head, all the flat on the wall, to relax the shoulders and hands during the procedure, but the buttocks must clamp.

Standing up after a meal not only burns fat, but also keeps the body healthy.

3. Reduce weight hold

Half an hour can undertake after meal reduce weight hold, but choice action is more relaxed, try a kind of reduce weight hold every day, a week will different reduce weight hold try once, such already thin body also won't feel drab, remember finish reduce weight hold hind lie down for a while, loosen abdomen.