How does heavy duty squat alert to these three practices

- Sep 11, 2018-

Weight bearing squat is not so difficult to do, but some people will encounter some wrong problems, when they exercise like this, weight squat is difficult to have an effect!

How do you do the heavy lifting squats?

Let's get to know it!

How to do the weight bearing deep squats the right position weight bearing deep squats benefits

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Doing squats while carrying heavy loads is wrong

It's too fast: in addition, if you look closely, junior and intermediate squats are three times faster than pro squats. Pro squats learn to control their speed and use target muscles to carry their weight.

And so you can use more weight.

If you control your speed properly while doing the squats, you will be more likely to make progress.

Squatting is not deep enough: do squat, you must have seen such people in the gym, he will many 45 pounds of weight plate on the sheet, in order to draw the attention of people, and do a quarter of the squat, it is funny, because they don't have to practice to broad lower thigh, leg muscles they still little or no development.

How to do the weight bearing deep squats the right position weight bearing deep squats benefits

The mistake of the waist: the waist is the center of human strength, but also the most vulnerable part.

There are many squats that reflect lumbar muscle fatigue, but the problem is that their squats use more lumbar muscle strength.

The squats should be only the bend of the leg joints, but the wrong squats are a process of straightening the leg first and then the waist.

So it becomes a goat pug move, the waist takes on more weight, dispersing the recheck of the leg muscles, so always use the leg muscles.

Weight squat essentials

Place the barbell behind your neck. Hold the barbell with both hands.

Bend your knees slowly until your thighs are parallel to the floor or slightly below your knees. Hold the position.

Action rhythm: squat for 2-3 seconds, hold for 1-2 seconds, squat for 2 seconds.

How to do the weight bearing deep squats the right position weight bearing deep squats benefits

Benefits of squatting

The feet are the furthest muscle from the heart. After blood flows to the lower body, it needs to rely on muscle contraction and squeeze blood back to the heart through microvessels and veins. If the feet are strong, it can help blood circulation, improve heart function and reduce the burden on the heart.

Research shows that squats are the most effective exercise for stimulating growth hormone secretion. When growth hormone is not enough, hair will start to fall, wrinkles increase, fat becomes more, muscle atrophy, etc. In simple terms, squats can keep young and fight against aging.

If you want to use muscle strength training to improve your basal metabolic rate, you can't miss your leg muscles.

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