How do old people press leg to do amway two ways

- Sep 11, 2018-

What kind of exercise is appropriate for the elderly?

Pressing the leg is a good choice, so how should the old person carry on pressing the leg exercise?

What are the benefits of frequent leg press for the elderly?

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Old people press leg how to do old people press leg notes old people press leg benefits

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The old man pressed his leg in the right way

Method 1: first, face a horizontal bar (the height should be from low to high, and the beginner should be at the thigh level), stand naturally with the upper body upright and the lower limbs relaxed.

Then, place your weight on your left foot (left foot should not be left out) and slowly lift your right foot up on the horizontal bar.

The upper body then bends forward slowly while pressing down on the right leg until the jaw reaches the lower leg.

In the case of keeping bend down, use lumbar back a up and down rhythmic movement, further pull the ligaments of the leg and muscle.

Finally, repeat with the upper body straightened.

Mode 2: stand with your back to the support, legs upright, toes pointed outward, and hold the countertop behind with one hand.

The left leg is upright, the right leg is raised backward, the instep is placed on the counter at the back, the instep is straight, at the same time the body slightly turns to the front left.

Also, the knees of your legs should not bend.

Lumbar upright, back pressure.

Feel the muscles stretching to the waist and front of the thigh.

Old people press leg how to do old people press leg notes old people press leg benefits

The benefit of an old man's leg press

Often do some pressure leg exercise, can improve the condition of the body, defer organ function senescence, have fitness effect.

The target muscle ligaments of the leg are the biceps femoris and the cruciate ligaments.

It can not only exercise the ligaments of the leg, but also the flexibility of the hip and ankle joints, and increase the strength and toughness of the muscles of the waist, leg and chest.

It can avoid abdominal fat accumulation, eliminate the aging posture, so as to maintain energy and improve work efficiency.

Not only can you stretch the ligaments in the legs, but you can also practice the flexibility of the hip and ankle joints and increase the strength and toughness of the muscles in the waist, legs and chest.

Press leg can stimulate infrequent activity muscle, promote blood circulation.

Old people press leg how to do old people press leg notes old people press leg benefits


Matters need attention

Do pressure leg exercise can improve the physical condition, have the effect of fitness.

Xiong mingyue told reporters that leg press exercise can dredge meridian, to achieve the "general rule of pain" treatment effect.

Press leg exercise makes ham dorsal side muscle group gets draft first, make hip tissue also gets pull next.

Long-term pressure on the legs can enhance the flexibility of joints and ligaments and improve the flexibility and coordination of the body.

But older people are more likely than younger people to suffer muscle damage and deform leg joints.

In addition, the bone characteristics of the elderly lead to its relatively fragile, easy fracture.

What's more, older people are less able to balance, are more likely to lose their balance and increase their chances of falling.

For the elderly, the pressure of the leg after lifting do not exceed the hip joint, the Angle between the two legs of 45 degrees is appropriate.

After a while, joint activity opens, and a slightly higher level is chosen.

Additional, old people must stand firm when pressing a leg, had better be able to look for pull a hand, lest fall.

Press leg force should be light, action appropriate is slow, press leg time should be in every 3 minutes ~ 5 minutes.