How can novices improve their fitness efficiency? Know these three things!

- Sep 07, 2018-

Now, the fast-paced lifestyle, time is very precious for everyone. Every time I go to the gym, I want to do my best to make the most of every minute. I hope that every practice and action can maximize the effect

Of course, it also takes time to work.

What's more, many of the effects are mediocre, due to poor movement or lack of focus.

At the same time, even with the best form of exercise, a lack of quantity and intensity is nothing but an empty statement: "no strength, no strength"

The real solution lies in proper training sequence and good enough focus and quality execution. Maybe you have heard and read too many words and still have no clue

NO. 1

Larger muscle groups take precedence over smaller muscle groups

The particular order in which you exercise will directly affect the fatigue order of the muscles, and ultimately it will have a big impact on the whole exercise. If you want to increase the whole dimension, you have to look at the large muscle groups.


I'll tell you to put it away!

Believe to see this topic point the trainer that come in, far from reach high level!

NO. 2

Strength training precedes oxygen

How do you warm up?


How long run?

Half an hour?

Long periods of aerobic activity can drain your energy, and you may be exhausted before you even touch the bar.

Similarly, by arranging the heavy weight today, the warm-up before the formal group (the small weight increasing group) has already made themselves weak and sour, how to carry on the heavy weight training?

Small weights are needed to activate the nerves and muscles, but control the quantity!

NO. 3

Free forces are placed in front of the fixture

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What is free equipment?

Dumbbells, barbells!

Free strength works the function of the whole body, it protects the joints, it increases the coordination of the muscles, and most importantly, it works almost all the muscles of the body. In other words, the machine is more of a small muscle group that works with isolated movements.

Free strength is much harder to train than stationary, puts a lot of pressure on the body, but is much better at shaping bodies faster.

Grasp these three key points, at least in the primary - intermediate stage, the efficiency doubled!