Hip stretch: 2 moves are recommended

- Sep 07, 2018-

The sedentary life pattern, often let hip muscle group lack activity and produce a lot of problems.

The stretching technique allows us to warm up the hip muscles before exercise, restore softness and improve hip movement.

This in turn stabilizes your lower back and knee to help you train better.

Benefits of stretching:

Increase muscle stretch and elasticity;

Increase the range of motion of joints;

Relax the tense muscles after exercise;

Avoid sports injuries to the maximum extent;

Also, by stretching your muscles under certain conditions, you can actually stretch your fascia and give your muscles more room to grow.

Action 1: pigeon

The pigeon is a classic yoga move that is great for stretching the hip muscles and improving hip flexion.

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Action process:

Choose a yoga mat, then bend your hips 90 degrees with one leg bent in front of you, and stretch your back legs back naturally (see below).

Keep your torso upright, lean forward, increase the Angle of your hips, and stay there for 20-30 seconds as you feel the stretch in your glutes.

Keep breathing symmetrical. Don't hold your breath while stretching.

Action 2: embrace leg on your back

Choose a yoga mat and lie on your back, then bend your hips 90 degrees.

Hold one leg above the other knee, hold the other leg with both hands, and pull back. When you feel the stretch in your glutes, stay there for 20-30 seconds for static stretch.

3. Keep breathing symmetrical, don't hold your breath, and don't hold it until it hurts.

Keep your lower back on the ground and don't get up.

Final note:

Stretching focuses on "persistence" and is best done every day.

"Sustainability" is the key. Sustainability leads to progress. Do it at least 2-3 times a week, and you have a chance to see results.

Do not do normally, want to depend on the holiday to did the quantity that weekday did not make back, this effect is very limited, can say to have no.