Four kinds of scientific riding methods for exercise bikes

- Apr 19, 2018-

Exercise bikes are called "power bikes" in the sports science field. They are divided into two types: upright and back-to-back (also called horizontal) exercise bikes. They can adjust the intensity (power) during exercise and have a fitness effect. So people Call it a fitness bike. Aerobic fitness equipment that is typical of simulated outdoor sports is also known as cardio training equipment. Mainly through the body for a longer period of time, appropriate intensity of exercise to promote cardiovascular exercise, speed up the metabolism, enhance heart and lung function, thereby improving the body's constitution.

First, slow riding. Long-term slow cycling heart rate generally does not exceed 65% of maximum heart rate. For more than 20 minutes, it will "burn" more fat to supply energy, so it is more suitable for obese people who want to lose fat.

Second, fast riding. Allows heart rate to reach more than 85% of maximum heart rate. At this time, the body mainly supplies energy through glycogen anaerobic glycolysis, which can increase the anaerobic exercise capacity of the whole body, especially the thigh muscles, and help increase the anaerobic threshold. In other words, physical discomfort after strenuous exercise will be postponed, helping us to engage in higher-intensity exercise, or persist in longer periods of high-intensity exercise. In addition, fast riding on the heart and lung function is also quite exercise value.

Third, speed combined. In addition to aerobic capacity, anaerobic capacity, and cardiopulmonary function, this type of riding can increase the pleasure of sports. If you can get scientific guidance and use a more reasonable combination of fast and slow exercise, you will also get better fitness results.

Fourth, the speed of riding. That is to control the heart rate in the maximum heart rate of 65% - 85%, is a good way to exercise heart and lung function and physical aerobic exercise ability.