Four full body training moves can kill proud flesh, help you burn fat and lose weight

- Sep 26, 2018-

Fitness equipment should be familiar to those who like to soak in the gym. Many of the equipment are specially designed for a certain part of the body or a certain muscle.

The answer is yes, and on the training of the whole body movement also many, most of these training actions are less leisure time the favour of people, such as students of the party and the job is busy working, every time as long as spend a few minutes to complete a set of exercise, the body also don't have to squeeze time specially to go to the gym.

Systemic training, of course, also suitable for people to lose weight, body training can almost cover the whole body up and down the main muscle groups, let every muscle can participate in the training, shoulder muscles and the leg muscles and coxal muscle, can be a fat effect, more can accelerate the metabolism of the body, let you in the training of subtractive redundant fat, complete weight loss goals.

Here are four full body exercises that can help you burn fat, strengthen your muscles and improve your coordination.

Action 1: squat jump for 1: squat jump

Stand with your feet open for 30 seconds, keeping your lower back upright and looking straight ahead.

Sit with your hips back and your body down until your thighs are parallel to the ground, then get up and straighten your legs and jump.


Movement 2: open and close jump 2: open and close jump

Stand with your feet together for 30 seconds, with your hands at your sides. Keep your back straight and look straight ahead.

Bend your knees a little, open your feet to both sides and jump a little. Raise your hands to the top of your head, following the rhythm.

Action 3: plate open jump 3: plate open jump

Hold for 30 seconds, supporting your body with your forearm, your upper arm at right angles to your body, your lower back upright, feet together, knees slightly bent, toes on the ground, this is the initial position.

After the hip slightly up, the legs to the left and right side slightly open jump, and then back to the original posture, the whole process of action should continue continuously.

Action 4: mountaineering 4: mountaineering

Hold for 30 seconds with your arms extended and supported below your shoulders. Keep your lower back upright with your feet slightly bent and close together and your toes on the ground.