Fall weight loss plan a full exercise diet 7 tips to help you lose weight

- Sep 26, 2018-

Weather already turn gradually cool, perspire is little, body energy metabolization is steady, the person becomes easy put on weight again, many summer reduce weight not successful dear friends already some despondency.

Do not worry, autumn weather is cool, also be the good period that motion reduces weight likewise, plus reasonable food, reduce weight plans to be able to carry out likewise.

Below small make up for everybody introduction autumn to reduce weight plan whole strategy, exercise food 7 recruit to help you continue thin!

Believe now already had a lot of person reducing weight to begin to worry: the weather becomes cool, appetite becomes bigger, the motive force that wants to reduce weight met obstacle again.

Fall weight loss plans have to be adjusted!

So, small make up send welfare to come, introduce for everybody autumn reduce weight plan 7 strategy, let you still can hold weight to continue thin in autumn!

I. diet

Control staples and limit sweets

If original eat amount is bigger, main course can use decrement method, a day 3 eat minus 50 grams.

Gradually control the staple food in 250-300 grams or so, the main grain has wheat, rice and some miscellaneous grain can choose, but the quantity of food must be strictly limited, feed into the habit of eating 78 full.

For starchy foods such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, lotus root powder, jam, honey, candies, candies, fruit juices, try to eat or not to eat.

Moderation in fatty foods such as peanuts, walnuts, sesame seeds, and various types of animal fats, butter, and Fried.

The non-staple food can use lean meat, fish, eggs, soybean products and vegetables and fruits with less sugar.

2. Dietary fiber

Fiber can block the absorption of food, fiber in the stomach to absorb water expansion, can form a larger volume, make people feel full, help reduce the amount of food, to control weight has certain effect.

People who eat a lot of fiber can digest and absorb the waste well in a certain period of time and then excrete the waste.

People who eat more fiber in their diet also chew more frequently, so meals slow down, allowing the small intestine to slowly absorb nutrients and increase blood sugar levels.

Since dietary fiber promotes peristalsis, if consumed in large quantities, constipation will also be reduced and the incidence of colorectal cancer will be reduced.

So obese people are better off eating more fiber.

Drink plenty of water or soup

Drinking water is a necessity in People's Daily life.

Summer can eat watermelon, tomatoes and other thirst, watermelon juice, winter melon soup can also diuretic.

Excessive restriction of water, can make fat person sweat gland secretion is disordered, adverse temperature is adjusted, especially urine is concentrated, metabolization residue not easy platoon is clean, still can cause annoyance thirsty, have a headache, lack of power to wait for a symptom.

Proper drinking water can supplement water and regulate lipid metabolism.

Drink soup often to protect your health.

Drinking soup is good for human health.

Studies have found that soups are a good appetite suppressant.

Therefore, some obese people use soup to lose weight.

When repast at ordinary times, drink some soup more, in order to reduce the intake of staple food, achieve goal of reducing weight thereby.

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I. sports

1. Empty Stomache: training on an Empty stomach

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By working on an empty stomach, you'll be able to control your abs more effectively.

It is recommended to include abs at the end of each session, either before you wake up in the morning or before you go to sleep at night.

2. Frequency: high Frequency

Abdominal muscles need to be bombarded frequently, so they must be trained frequently, and Ulisses recommends three to four cycles a week.

Cardio: Cardio

Everyone has abs, big or small.

But not everyone has sharp lines, thanks to a thick or light layer of fat covering the top of the abs.

Aerobic training helps with fat burning, Ulisses recommends at least three aerobic workouts a week.

Some friends may not do aerobic exercise and still maintain a very clear abdominal muscle line.

But remember: you are not him, somebody else already trained a whole body muscle, basic metabolization is high, do not move also burn fat, so, still obediently do have oxygen bar.

Variety: Variety

Abdominal training pays attention to the change of training movement, just sit-ups is definitely not good!

One side needs to carry out targeted training movements according to upper abdominal muscle, lower abdominal muscle, external oblique muscle, etc. Usually, 3 to 4 groups of movements are conducted for each training.

On the other hand, you need to change your movements frequently, as the body slowly ADAPTS to a movement, which leads to diminishing stimulation.