Can you really do a plank? Don't wait to get hurt to regret!

- Oct 05, 2018-

Core muscle training is a hot thing in recent years. Many people increase their core strength in order to enhance their core stability. In the training plan, more and more exercises of core muscle group are added.

Whether it is to exercise core stability or abdominal muscles, plank is a move that many people are willing to choose. The advantage of it is that it can fully exercise the deep and small muscles of our abdomen and even the whole core muscle group.

But it is a very confusing move, it looks very simple, a lot of people when doing, always a few small details of the problem, some people can not work out, some people will exercise injured waist muscle.

The most important thing to do with plank support is to make the body a plank, putting our abs and leg muscles and a few small muscles into exertion.

This allows us to get plenty of exercise and improve our core stability.

But the problem is that many people don't do that, and as a result the core doesn't have the means to put enough stress on the rest of the body.

And plank support is a static training, long time to maintain the wrong movement, will cause damage to the body.

The most common mistakes occur in the waist and neck.

The problem of the waist is mainly cave-in and arched waist, in which cave-in hurts the waist.

The right plank is to keep our head, hips and back heels in a straight line.

When the abdomen is not tightened and the waist is falling down, in order to maintain a flat body shape, the waist muscles will help the abdominal muscles to exert strength, that is, the lumbar muscles compensate, and the waist will be sore if the lumbar muscles compensate for a long time.

The wrong kind of exercise for a long time can easily damage your waist.

That's the damage that a lower back can do to the body, and most exercisers, especially women with weak abdominal strength, don't notice.

Arched waist is a way to reduce the body's power, which will reduce the effect of our flat support. Arched waist is a way for the body to form an arch bridge.

The shape of the arch bridge is a very labor-saving shape, which enables us to save more strength. However, the plank support that we make for the exercise of abdominal muscles is tantamount to laziness, so this action is only suitable for people with weak abdominal strength.

Neck errors occur mainly in the head.

Some people habitually like to raise their heads while doing plank support. Actually, when they raise their heads, they will damage the stability of the core of the body.

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Our spine is the key to keeping the body stable. Only when the spine is naturally bent can the core of the body be stabilized.

The act of raising your head, however, can disrupt the natural curvature of the spine.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of correct plank support, so paying attention to the details of fitness is the key to achieve results. Details determine success or failure!