Beautiful abdominal muscle is not difficult exercise, do well reduce fat, adjust food

- Sep 26, 2018-

The muscles of the abs a dream for many male friends, is very urgent you also can quickly build beautiful beautiful abs, actually people do exercise every day is less, the three days of fishing, two insolation network can be described as a daily exercise state, the slack is also delayed practice is the key to the three-dimensional beautiful abs part of the reason.

To get your perfect abs, we also need to get rid of the fat that covers the top of your abs, the thick layer of fat that keeps your abs from showing.

Even if you do a lot of abs every day, you won't be able to get rid of all that fat.

Diet of abs model also play an important role, want to lose fat is to form healthy low-fat diet, suggest using high protein and low fat low energy of fruit and vegetable fiber to replace staple food, a science and a low-fat diet compared with ordinary diet can accelerate eliminate abdominal fat, more for your abs, adhere to the foundation.

Different exercises target different areas of our abdominal muscles, and the abdominal muscles are a very large muscle group, which indicates that a lot of different exercises are needed to target the abdominal muscles, including the upper abdominal muscle, the lower abdominal muscle, the middle abdominal muscle and the oblique muscle.

So to get really good abs, we have to focus on all aspects of the abs.

Action 1: lift the leg high in the same place

Do this for 45 seconds. Raise your legs in place and move your body so that your heart rate rises rapidly and you begin to burn fat.

Move 2: Russian turn 2: Russian turn

Hold for 45 seconds, lift up your legs and keep your legs straight, keep your core tight, adjust your breathing rhythm, focus on your abs, shrink your abs, twist your body around, and rest for 15 seconds after you finish.


Action 3: leg lift 3: leg lift

Adhere to 45 seconds, also slightly raise the legs off the ground, and keep the legs straight posture, upper body also want to maintain the posture of slightly off the ground, the neck to relax, hands on hips below position, abs continued tightening force, lift up your legs and ground vertical, under his legs again, has been repeated practice, also want to rest for 15 seconds after you finish your action.

Action 4: push up at the hips 4: push up at the hips

Hold for 45 seconds, lift your legs slightly off the ground and straighten, keep your head off the ground, your neck relaxed, your hands flat on both sides of your torso, then bend your legs about 90 degrees, then lift your legs with abdominal and hip strength, keeping your hips as far away from the floor as possible.