Actually two minutes is enough! To last too long is also of little use

- Oct 05, 2018-

Guide: what are you thinking about when we used to talk about "plank support?"

Inside, the editor found that everyone always told themselves to hold on for one more minute, two more minutes...

A better body!

But how long will it take for the plank to be enough to train our core muscles?

MAO weidong, a member of China's Beijing special police, held the guinness world record for the longest plank with a time of 4 hours and 26 minutes.

But last year, a Danish fitness instructor beat our mark of Mr. Mauvedon by four hours and 28 minutes.

Five days later, a retired U.S. Marine broke the record by more than five hours...

The Danish coach who has practiced for more than nine months has an area of shadow in his heart...

Yes, we know that there are many advantages of flat support, such as:

You can tighten the belly and reshape the lines

Can firm the body, aggrandizement movement expresses

Can adjust posture, release muscle pressure

Generally, we exercise our muscles in the process of stretching and contracting the muscles, and the plank, is to let the muscles in the condition of neither pulling nor contracting, static, equal length of power!

In fact, the core muscle groups that we can talk about, the rectus abdominis, the external and internal oblique, the gluteus maximus, and so on, can be replaced by a lot of other exercises, you don't have to be flat...

Instead, many unnamed deep muscles can be exercised effectively when the plank is supported, and that's the value of the plank!

However, we also said that the bare flat support does not bring us the waistline!

The editor has a question...

As a normal person who doesn't chase world records but just wants to train his core strength, how long is the proper and practical plank?

The answer is: 2 minutes!

Dan John, a former military fitness instructor, says there are only three possibilities if you can't do a full 120 seconds of flat support in a row:

1. The excess fat in the body is too much, leading to excessive weight

Your core is not strong enough, your body is not stable enough, you are prone to sports injuries, lower back problems and so on.

3. The posture of plank support is not correct

So, for a healthy, core person with a solid foundation of strength, there should be no problem with two minutes of plank support!

So, what are the benefits of more than two minutes of plank support?

"Enough is enough," says coach Dan John.

Even Tom Hoel, the Danish fitness coach who once held the record, said that training himself to participate in the tablet record is just a psychological exercise, and that he would not let his students do more than three minutes of plank support in class.

So if you're one of those people who doesn't have the tools to do the two-minute plank thing well, hurry up 30 seconds a day, 10 seconds a day, and pretty soon, you'll be able to lay the core foundation in the safest possible way!

As for those who can finish a tablet for two minutes, it's time for you to try something else!

Like the flat support rotor, it is an advanced challenge for training core stability!