6 things to know about women's fitness

- Oct 03, 2018-

1. Women should do more high-frequency and low-intensity exercise. If the intensity is high, it is easy to grow muscles and increase some muscles, which will affect the appearance of body shape.

2. Use exercise to lose weight must be reasonable and appropriate.

Effective amount of exercise is crucial for dieters. If the intensity and time of exercise are not enough, and the effective amount of exercise is not achieved, the effect of weight loss cannot be achieved.

The person that just begins motion or do not have motion for a long time, the first two movements must reduce motion intensity, lest body function is not adjusted adequately, and cause harm to the body.

3. In the process of losing weight, women should choose aerobic endurance exercise, such as brisk walking, jogging, swimming, dancing and aerobics, etc., to maintain moderate exercise intensity (65% of the maximum heart rate during exercise is moderate intensity, and the maximum heart rate =220 for age).

Experts recommend more than one hour a day.

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4. Don't drink too much water during or immediately after strenuous exercise, which can cause diseases in areas such as gastrointestinal, heart and pancreas.

When drinking water do not drink hard, should drink slowly in small mouth, so can achieve good absorption effect.

Fitness isn't about losing weight.

Fitness is mostly about getting in shape and getting in shape, not about getting thin.

To get in shape, exercise all parts of your body.

When using fitness equipment, pay attention to consult fitness instructors, under its guidance to shape an ideal body shape.

6. The easiest way to get rid of your arm's proud flesh is to hold two bottles full of mineral water for 200 times a day.