5 classic moves in the retraining world

- Oct 05, 2018-

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About retraining the classics of the five movements, any field will have so-called "classics" why so classic?

Believe that after you have done, can know!

1. Pull-up

It is not uncommon for people to believe that it is used by military and disciplinary forces all over the world to measure the physical ability of the performers. The importance of this action can be seen by placing it in the physical examination to test the physical condition of the test-taker.

Pull-up also has a high return on investment and can train all the muscles in the back at once, including the forearm, biceps and abs.

2. Hard Deadlift

It plays a significant role in retraining, a movement that trains the whole body and increases testosterone levels.

Functionality is also very high, as you will sometimes need to lift heavy objects from the ground. As long as you are diligent in carrying out Deadlift, you can avoid injury caused by lifting heavy objects, as well as improve your mobility!

3. The Squat Squat

Of course, it's on the list. It's on par with Deadlift in "retraining," and even though it's more functional, it has many advantages.


Dip with parallel bars

It's also an effective way to boost your energy and simultaneously train your pectoral and triceps muscles.

It's usually harder for the beginner to feel the pectoral muscle during training, but it takes a long time, and over time you'll naturally catch that feeling.

5. Bench Press

This is an extremely effective "chest practice" action. Bench Press can also use different angles and props, which is an irreplaceable classic practice for the pectoralis major.